Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Enough Already!

Well, our start into 2008 has been a rather frustrating one health-wise to say the least. Pretty much since boxing day somebody has been sick in the Hampton household. Now don't get me wrong, I'm thankful that it hasn't been worse or anything more serious. Just when you're going through it and for such a long stretch as this one has been it takes it's toll on you and you get where I am now which is sick of sickness. I do prefer to be the one sick then watching my loved ones sick though. It almost seems like as soon as I think we're in the clear and done with this for a while.....someone gets sick all over again.
First we started out with Larry getting the flu the day after Christmas, then Chrish a couple days later. Then Emma caught us off-guard and got it on New Years Eve. I think that was her first time getting the flu. She did NOT like it one bit except for the extra cuddling she said. Then Larry got sick again a couple days after his birthday, with myself and Hannah joining in. What a long drawn out horrible thing. Now I'm left with an annoying cold which is taking it's time going away.
I got home from seeing a movie last night with my friend Amber. We saw "Bucketlist" which was a good movie. We were crying we were laughing so hard. Anyways, got home and in bed by 11:30pm and Emma came running in my room at 1:50am crying and in pain. I was so startled and concerned. So I jumped out of bed took her temp. 103F and we cuddled on the couch all night long so I could keep a close eye on her. Gave her a popsicle and cold cloth on her head........fever broke (rather quickly too thank you God) One would think, four kids, we've had our share of sickness, you'd think I'd be more used to this by now but no! I do NOT like seeing my kids sick. I'm sure no one does. It just puts knots in my stomach like nobody's business. Now my lil' princess is up colouring wishing she could go to school as though nothing happened. Hey, I'll take it!
I've read an article before saying that Doctors say a family gets sick an average of 8-10 times a year. Well, I'm thinking we're almost meeting that quota. So hopefully we'll be real healthy the rest of 2008. We'll see how that goes. So, here's to a healthy rest of the year for everyone.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Dancing Princess

Yesterday was Emma's first dance class. Well her first real dance class anyways. When she was about 3 1/2 she took a short session at our friends community center..... it was more of a 'toddler gymboree' class then a ballet class. Though she seemed to enjoy it, she didn't learn one dance move. Yesterdays ballet/tap class was by a teacher who taught my older girls when they were Emma's age. We walked in the room and Emma was delighted/relieved to see a classmate from school. We had no idea we would see them there, it was a pleasant surprise.
Half of her class was ballet and then half-way through they change into their tap shoes. Emma was so excited that she was giggling for most of the first half, but she not surprisingly picked up some dance moves right away and very gracefully I might add. One of the other moms was asking me how many years Emma had been taking dance and was surprised with my answer. She thought for sure Emma had taken dance for a couple years anyways.
Emma has ten more weeks of this class left. I'm certainly going to enjoy watching her continue to improve and grow and mostly just have fun while twirling and spinning around.