Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Dancing Princess

Yesterday was Emma's first dance class. Well her first real dance class anyways. When she was about 3 1/2 she took a short session at our friends community center..... it was more of a 'toddler gymboree' class then a ballet class. Though she seemed to enjoy it, she didn't learn one dance move. Yesterdays ballet/tap class was by a teacher who taught my older girls when they were Emma's age. We walked in the room and Emma was delighted/relieved to see a classmate from school. We had no idea we would see them there, it was a pleasant surprise.
Half of her class was ballet and then half-way through they change into their tap shoes. Emma was so excited that she was giggling for most of the first half, but she not surprisingly picked up some dance moves right away and very gracefully I might add. One of the other moms was asking me how many years Emma had been taking dance and was surprised with my answer. She thought for sure Emma had taken dance for a couple years anyways.
Emma has ten more weeks of this class left. I'm certainly going to enjoy watching her continue to improve and grow and mostly just have fun while twirling and spinning around.

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