Sunday, May 25, 2008


Betcha didn't know.....

-that one of my pet peeves is having my pants tuck under my shoes as I walk. HATE it! That's partly why I wear heals most of the time. Most of my pants are too long for me (yes I could get them hemmed) but who has the time?

-I used to wear a clothes pin to pinch just above my lip to give me what I call a more defined 'bum lip' I love those!

-I still enjoy watching Saturday morning cartoons :P

-I used to bite my nails until I got engaged. (I tried everything to stop but nothing helped..... except for an engagement ring apparently)

- though I truly don't care for hip hop music it's great to clean to and makes for a good work out : )

-I can't even count how many white hairs I have on my head because there are just too many.

-I don't have a favourite colour or flower because I see the beauty in all of them.

-My favourite chocolate bar is called 'crunchie' and BOY is it Yummy :P

- I do NOT like thunderstorms!

-I do however truly LOVE sunrises and sunsets.

Kind of random but things that I betcha didn't know about me and now you do :D

Monday, May 12, 2008

Where Do I Start?

Well, the last month has flown by as fast as the first few of this year. Where do I start? Okay, well we celebrated Christians birthday at a place called Boomers. I wasn't sure how chaotic it would be taking 10 kids there but it worked out that everyone had a fantastic time. Batting cages, laser tag, go- carts, spinning tea cups and other carnival rides, arcades....... are just some of the fun things we did. It was definitely a memorable birthday for Chrish that he was incredibly grateful for. It's hard to believe he's getting so big.

I've been training for the 'Mud Run' which is coming up the beginning of June. It's a 6 mile obstacle course at Camp Pendleton and is quite fun, so I've heard. I've been running with a friend 2-3 times a week. We've been following a training schedule and are pretty proud of our accomplishment so far. The proceeds go towards helping the troops which I think is a great cause and am honoured to be able to help out a little.

To say there is a lot going on at school right now would be a HUGE understatement! It's quite overwhelming actually but we're managing okay. Lots of order forms for this and that (yearbooks, 5th grade t-shirts, carnival donations and work, spring photos, fairy tale ball, 5th grade graduation party...... and the list goes on) so needless to say I'll be a little relieved when the kids are out of school and SO looking forward to spending more time with them and less time spent in the car or doing homework.

Also, wrapping up this week will be baseball and signature soccer for Christian. It's been so fun watching him play. He's truly remarkable at everything he does. I'm not just saying that either. People really trip out at how great he is. He's #1 pitcher (also the youngest and smallest on his team) and he plays forward on his soccer team. For a bit there he was doing two practices and two games each week which made for one tuckered out little boy.

We just celebrated Emma's 6th birthday this week. I've started letting the kids have a 'big' party every other year. This was her 'off' year and she was such a great sport. We always have a 'family' party though which she absolutely savored and appreciated. What 6 year old wouldn't want to be the center of attention for the day? She was thrilled with all her gifts and as I tucked her in bed she so Emma like (she LOVES counting down to things) asked me how many days until her sleepover? I decided that she could have a friend spend the night on the weekend (her first one). They actually did great too. I had a total of 7 kids that night and they all were sleeping by 11:30pm. Not bad at all. I decorated Emma's room with streamers and balloons everywhere which she seemed to love.

Well, I should go and continue my day after I have my Monday morning coffee of coarse, and tackle some of the things on my 'to -do' list. I just LOVE crossing things out!