Sunday, May 25, 2008


Betcha didn't know.....

-that one of my pet peeves is having my pants tuck under my shoes as I walk. HATE it! That's partly why I wear heals most of the time. Most of my pants are too long for me (yes I could get them hemmed) but who has the time?

-I used to wear a clothes pin to pinch just above my lip to give me what I call a more defined 'bum lip' I love those!

-I still enjoy watching Saturday morning cartoons :P

-I used to bite my nails until I got engaged. (I tried everything to stop but nothing helped..... except for an engagement ring apparently)

- though I truly don't care for hip hop music it's great to clean to and makes for a good work out : )

-I can't even count how many white hairs I have on my head because there are just too many.

-I don't have a favourite colour or flower because I see the beauty in all of them.

-My favourite chocolate bar is called 'crunchie' and BOY is it Yummy :P

- I do NOT like thunderstorms!

-I do however truly LOVE sunrises and sunsets.

Kind of random but things that I betcha didn't know about me and now you do :D

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LTA said...

Nice to hear some of the things that make you "you." You're such a wonderful lady and beautiful person, Cher. I love you, sweetie.