Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Here We Come.....

This morning Caley and I went to the Jr. High to get her all registered for school. After an hour and a half at this station and that station, getting her photo taken and picking up all her workbooks and her schedule she is officially registered. Pretty pumped too I might add. She's all set except for some supplies we need to get and some runners for P.E which she'll have everyday. She's got her backpack which she has already stuffed with her clothes for our vacation.....only 5 days early. Nothing wrong with being prepared!
When we got home we looked on the schools website and figured out her walking route from class to class. Nothing too crazy! Her classes are actually quite close together. I also figured out my "Mama's chauffer schedule" I'm calling it. Pretty much that's what it will be like. I'll just get some good books, a few magazines, some lined paper for my 'lists', some snacks, and a drink. Typical chauffeur activities right?! Luckily the kids schools are super close. As much as we've been enjoying the summer even the kids are getting pretty excited about starting school. Maybe not Hannah, but everyone else.
We're planning on having our 'last' beach day on Thursday and then have all of next week to swim in a pool and have fun together too! This week the reality of a new season is sinking in. New school supplies, new schedules, .........homework hour (not looking forward to that) but I'll end on a good note.......how blessed am I to be able to hang out with my 4 wonderful kids, watching them grow (way too fast I must say) while ending one jam packed fun season with a new slate, a different kind of busy of brand new opportunities and memories. Here we come Fall' 2007!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

We'll Have Fun, Fun, Fun......

Well, summer is almost over and the kids will be going back to school before we know it! They start the Tuesday after Labor Day. I'm pretty mixed about it. I really do love hanging out with them in the summer just having lots of fun and making some memories. Going to the beach, sleeping in, watching movies in our nice chilled livingroom, getting ice cream (if I keep it in the house I'll eat it all!) having BBq's, hanging out with our friends, going to concerts.....
I must admit that it will be nice to get back to a more regular schedule which = less grumpy kids. I enjoy getting up early in the morning even though sleeping in is nice in theory, I like having more hours in my day and being more productive. This summer, I've been way laid back just soaking it all in with the kiddos. Unfortunately I think they're getting on each others nerves and need to get back with their friends at school.
We've gone to the beach about twice a week and it just never gets old. I'd say 95% of the time we've seen groups of dolphins too - which I absolutely love! I think they're so playful and fun to watch. My oldest and I have got loading and unloading the car down to a science. We tried out a different beach last week that we had heard of. Would've been great for when my kids were toddlers (barely any waves) and though they were pretty bummed when we first got there, they really made the most of it and had a good time.
This week will mean finishing up back to school shopping, taking the kids to the dentist, to the hairdressers, registering Caley for Jr. High and Emma for kindergarden and then getting packed up for our vacation. We leave on Saturday for a week. YAY! Looking so forward to a week of relaxing, swimming, reading, photographing, listening to music and having a good time!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

This weekend went by pretty fast. Friday night was cuddling with the kiddos while Lar was across the street playing poker. Saturday morning I woke up, made some pancakes and forgetfully made Christian shove a big one down his throat while rushing off to play soccer. Oopsies.......totally forgot about him getting cramps. Poor kiddo was obviously hurting while playing but still managed to score two goals and the team devastated the other team with a 6-0 win. The rest of the day was birthday party limbo......and with the youngest Hampton left I called in a favour and sent Emmers across the street to sister in laws. She loves playing with her cousins. SO, while she was playing I was having some 'me-time'. I couldn't believe how amazingly tired I was, so after a nice hot bath I took a nap. I have a hard time taking them so this should explain a bit just HOW tired I really was. Then, Lar got home from the wedding he attended, the kids came home from their party they went to.....roller skating. I went to tuck Emma in bed and ended up falling asleep with her at about 8pm.
Today we woke up and went to church like a normal Sunday. Larry led worship today and I taught Sunday school. Right after church I had to go pick up my neices from a sitters, and babysit for the afternoon. It went good and we had fun :D They're quite precious! By the time I got home and ate the chinese my sis n' law generously picked up for us, I was wiped!!! I was SO hungry but couldn't eat much cause the huge mess left over from yesterday was getting to me. It's amazing at how just even getting the dishes washed makes the house look SO much cleaner! After that was done, it was already time to get the kiddos bathed and into bed......where DOES the time go?
We got the kids to bed, had to go pick up my car and then Lar and I grabbed a coffee and a decorated cheesecake. We had a quick check-in with each other while at the same time inhaling our delicious cheesecake and pecan praline latte. Our own little celebration of the beginning of Autumn :D Not a bad way to start the new season.