Monday, December 31, 2007

Good Things CAN Come Out Of Bad

This morning I was woke up (surprise surprise) by my Emma who unfortunately wasn't feeling well. "No! This couldn't be. She couldn't have got it from...." I began thinking. Before I could even finish that thought she got sick (if you know what I mean). My poor girl. I thought we were in the clear. I mean Larry was sick all day 'boxing day' the day after Christmas. Then Chrish got sick the day after that. For the next few days I had been having on and off prayers to God asking Him to please not let anyone else get sick. Just when I thought we were in the clear Emma woke up with the flu too!

It just makes me sad when my loved ones get sick. As much as I hate being nauseous I'd much prefer myself to be sick then anyone else. It's almost harder to watch my poor lil' one being sick and in pain and saying 'Mama, I don't feel like being sick!' or the latest when I went in to check on her and asked how she was feeling she said ' I'm warmish hotish'.

The only good thing to come of this is that we've spent a LOT of time cuddling today than most which I truly do treasure. Though I wish it were for better circumstances I do cherish any time I get to hold my baby while she's still available, still wants to, and while we both have the time to spare. I know it won't always be this way. Emma and I actually cuddle quite a bit, but today was a bit different being that our cuddling was helping her to feel better she told me. Me too Emma, atleast I was doing a little something to help out. Her Daddy came home with some popsicles for her which put the very first smile I've seen on her face all day. Yay, Daddy to the rescue!

Though I didn't expect to spend the last day of the 2007 like this, it definitely had it's precious moments. I can get my 'list' of things done any other day but it's not every day that my sweet Emma needs her mommy like she did today. Hope you all have a blessed and very happy New Year. Here we come 2008!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Break From Pirates of the Hairabean

My kids can't seem to get enough of the movies "Pirates of the Carribean" and "Hairspray". We've watched each three or four times in less than a week. Each time that I've watched 'Pirates' it has grown on me more and more. I have to admit the first time I watched it I found it rather hard to follow and thought part of that was due to my four lil' interrupters who played their part real well I might add. Having the movie on four times though did allow me to watch the movie in it's entirety and I grew to like it more and more. The girls and I went to see "Hairspray" in the theatres (with Auntie Dara too) which I thought was good then and now the girls and I go around the house singing the songs. I don't know if I'm getting a little tired of the movie (being that it's on for the 3rd time) due to overload, or hearing Caley telling me how 'hot' she thinks Zack Efron is. Weird to hear my baby talk like that. Anyways, I think I'll just have to insist on a break from both of these movies for a while so we don't end up disliking them altogether.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Hampton Style

It was a wonderful Christmas here at the Hampton household. We celebrated with hubby's side of the family on Christmas Eve with last minute location change to HERE! Worked out great though and we didn't want to chance picking up the flu from a cousin who was sick the day before. The kids and I were already planning on cleaning up for Christmas anyways and everyone seemed to work together really well. I just wrote a list of what needed to be done and we went from there.
Everyone came around three. We ate an incredible amount of delicious food with leftovers to spare, had good laughs and fun, and enjoyed listening to squeals of delight and excitement. My very thoughtful sister in law who had already surprised me a month early with a very sentimental ceramic Christmas tree also surprised me with a set of glass mugs with flowers etched on them just like mom used to have. I couldn't even tell you why they mean so much to me, they just do! (maybe I'll try though) They bring back warm feelings of anticiaption, fond memories, fun times. I used to watch my mom drink from those glass mugs and couldn't wait til' I was the grown-up drinking from them too! I suppose I even just assumed that we'd both be drinking out of them while playing 'boggle' or a card game like mom and aunt Theresa used to do most every weekend. My mom and us kids would drive back to our home town and get together seemed like every weekend (staying over at Grams if we didnt already live there) During those times, the adults talked and played games and the kids had fun playing in the fields make believing, or playing video games, or building forts..... times I'll cherish always. I also could'nt wait to have my very own ceramic tree like Gram used to make proudly displayed in my house. Even though mine is not 'Gram-made' it still symbolizes those same fond memories and good times. After everyone left the kids were eager to go to bed so Christmas would come sooner. Then hubby and I did our usual Christams Eve tradition which is to watch 'It's a Wonderful Life' while bringing out all the presents.
Christmas day the kids got us up at 619am and all ready to go. Of coarse they had to wait in their room until Lar and I got the camcord all ready but they did good. We then opened up our gifts and I have to tell you I was pleasantly surprised at just how excited the kids were to hand out their presents. We then had our traditional cinnamon rolls and started the clean-up process while trying to NOT throw away things accidentally as has happened in the past. In the afternoon my brother Myke and his wife Dara came over which was fun. We caught up a bit, relaxed (with Christians electric guitar playing in the background) ate more food and Myke spoiled us by making and sharing his delicious buttertarts. Myke just 'had' to try Hannah's Guitar Hero which he liked. He also decided to pump some weights with the gift he wanted but gave to Chrish (magnetix) Dara was sweet to help Chrish build his birdhouse he got. They did a good job! I think everyone was a bit stuffed and sleepy so we just layed low but had a good time. The rest of the day was spent playing games, watching movies and cuddling. I think I nodded off before the kids. I just couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. Well, here's wishing you happy holidays and a happy new year.
BTW, I've been trying to post some photos with this blog but for some reason it's not working......I'll try tomorrow.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Tis' The Season.....

As I write, the hubby is watching a basketball game, the two little ones are roller blading in the house (it gets dark pretty early these days) and I'd prefer that to the alternative which would probably be diving onto the bed from the dresser, or doing summersaults down the mattress or using it as a slide. It's all been done before. Yep, rollerblading......I'm okay with that. I'll mop the floors tomorrow. Besides, I adore the contagious giggling they can't seem to control. They're laughing so hard that they're falling over.

The older girls are watching their favourite (don't understand why!) Friday night show......Friday night Smackdown WWF or whatever it's called. Atleast they're not fighting or watching "Zoey 101" which while I'm not against the show - seems pretty harmless- but now the main actress that the show revolves around in real life is 16, pregnant and Brittany Spears little sister. I don't like someone in the spotlight that my kids keep track of setting a bad example for my kids.
Well the last few weeks have consisted of shopping, wrapping, more shopping, making angel wings, addressing and mailing Christmas cards, attending Christmas progams, getting the car fixed, YaYa breakfast party, helping with classroom parties all while trying to maintain some level of picked-upness in our house and not being totally burried by the mounding up piles of laundry. It's not that bad really. I've been trying really hard to NOT stress about the holidays. It's totally understandable in my opinion though not worth it in the long run and definately not fair to the kids. Along the lines of "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit!" I've adapted it to "you do what you can do and you don't have a panic attack!" It's actually been helping me.

This weekend Christian has three, count em' THREE soccer games this weekend for all stars (the best of the best) and though I can't believe that people have the nerve to schedule any soccer games the weekend before Christmas I'll put a smile on and enjoy watching my boy play. Boy can HE play! We're also going to have our annual "Happy Birthday Jesus" party. I like to do my best to remind the kids of WHY we really celebrate Christmas. We usually bake a cake or muffins, make a craft (this year I'll let them decorate gingerbread men), we'll read the story of the birth of Jesus, and the kids usually make a card or picture to put in our stocking for Jesus. This year they did it the day I hung up the stockings.

I'm savouring as much as I can and trying to teach the kids to too, because before we know it 2008 will be here and before you know it my kids won't be kids and won't be here to watch Frosty or Rudolph with. On that note I'm going to go so Hannah and I can cuddle.

Hope this holiday season is your best one yet, that you feel the love, peace and joy that is sent from heaven above. May God bless you beyond all measure. Happy holidays!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fa La Freakin' Da

Well, pretty busy around here. So much to do and not quite enough time and energy to do it in. Taking it one step at a time. This week I had the unexpected honour (not quite) of making Christians class angel wings. Only 10 sets. But 10 sets! It was a lot more time consuming than I thought and after I do get finished I have a LOT of glue gun glue to scrape off of my floors. I was too deliriously tired to figure out a way to NOT get it on the floors. Speaking of my floors......they're quite 'festive' I must say. Full of gold garland strands all over and I've not swept the floors today or yesterday being as I'm not finished and will only make more of a mess.
Anyways, I wasn't planning on these 'wings' taking anywhere near this long and so while on Monday I thought I was pretty on par as far as being prepared for Christmas. I try really hard NOT to stress especially around Christmas. It makes it more enjoyable for everyone that way. I now have not only a little more shopping to do but also a lot more wrapping.
It will all be worth it and I'm sure I'll get done. On task for next week: more shopping, lots more wrapping, Happy Birthday Jesus party, Christmas programs (2), class parties (3), many more Christmas shows to watch, not to mention catching up on the laundry, taking my car in for a tune up (not a good time for this....lots of errands : ( )
Tis' the season to be jolly. People are driving like maniacs don't they know the songs? Tonight I almost got in a car (minor) accident, fender-bender would best describe it BUT didn't! Alls I could think of to say was 'merry freakin' Christmas! and Fa La freakin' Da!'
This is probably a pretty scattered blog but I'm pleading insanely tired and have a pretty sore back so there you have it. Happy holidays I'll try to post some pictures soon.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Brunch @ The Beach....I Think That's a YES!

A couple of weeks ago my good friend Monica and I finally made it happen! We were finally able to work it out and were able to go out for brunch. Not only that, but we decided that we'd drive down Crystal Cove Cafe which is right on the beach. We both only had a few hours but thought it was totally worth it. Unfortunately as soon as we got on the freeway we came to a complete stop because of a sig alert. We ended up being a total stop on the freeway for twenty minutes or so. It could have been longer so I can't complain. It didn't take us long at all to drive the coast and get to our destination. What a beautiful day it was!

We enjoyed a little stroll down to the beach cafe after parking. Once brought to our table we noticed the chairs all had cozy colourful lap blankets on them for our pleasure. The atmostphere of the cafe was very warm and friendly....delicious food too! You can't beat the view though. It doesn't matter where you go or how the food is, I think most any restaurant on the beach would be delightful. There's just something so incredible and tranquil about the beach.

Once we finished or tasty meal, we walked down the wooden steps and were immediately on the sand and only steps away from the ocean. There were even a few people swimming (even though it was in November, the temperature was in the high 80's) Monica and I walked along the shore and then found a perfect rock to sit on. Amazing blue sky, white puffy clouds but not too many, crashing waves and even a beautiful heart shaped rock placed just so, so I would notice it. The atmosphere was so soothing and calming. Definately will have to make my way there again.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Loads and Loads Part II

So again while folding loads of laundry today I was watching Oprah again and saw the second part of the "hording" episode. I thought I was blown away (read grossed out, shocked, amazed) the first time. Aha, but this time I was even more blown away but happy to see just what this couple/family was getting free from.

I thought that those huge 5 ton dumpsters were of all their stuff they had in the house. WRONG! It WAS of all the garbage they had in the house. 75 TONS of garbage! OMG!!! Okay so moving on...the professional organizer had all of the 'to sell' things in a warehouse so the family could see just how much stuff had consumed their lives. It was a 10,000sq foot warehouse FILLED with endless rectangular tables piled with stuff galore. Even underneath the heaped on tables were 1800 storage bins of, you guessed it, more stuff. They had the family come and see the warehouse filled with all this (I'll try not to say 'stuff' again) and to say they were blown away would be an understatement. The mom was almost physically sick but then became relieved once she realized she was free from all of this chaos. When told she had 5 minutes to take anything of importance to her she surprisingly declined. (now that's a step in the right direction, she wants a new start) Turned out there were over 3000 pairs of shoes, and when they had a rummage sale to get rid of it all they made $13,000. Can you believe it? Something good came from it.

Not only did they make money, but some major stores donated a new makeover to their house. This was a house they lived in for over 32 years and the last 12 were definately not lived with quality. When they got to go see the house 'clutter/pile-free' they were brought to tears of joy. The damage done from that disastrous hording problem caused mold all over the carpet, drywall, furniture etc. They had to have professionals come and sterilize what was salvagable and dump and replace the rest. Luckily there were very generous companies willing to help this family have a fresh and very stylish I might add new start. The floors were done in a beautiful hardwood, walls replaced and freshly painted. Brand new kitchen cupboards, appliances. Basically the whole inside of the house was re-done and it was absolutely beautiful. A place they can now be proud to call home, a place to be enjoyed and share with family and friends. I really am SO happy for this couple it brought me to happy tears.

Although I had a rather rough start and end to my day (for reasons unmentioned.....2 of the 4 kids) seeing this episode REALLY motivated my very tired body to do what I set out to do which was clean up and organize. I feel like God really helped me out and I got so much done (always more to do though) that it would've normally taken me a week to do. Part of that is because I was angry, and I always clean faster, maybe even better when I'm angry. Anyways it's such a wonderful feeling getting things done that you've 'been meaning to get to' for a while. Just think, when the kids are back in school on Monday.....I'll have WAY less interruptions and get even more done maybe. Hope your day is an enjoyable, productive one!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Loads and Loads of....

Today while I was taking a rest I was watching Oprah. The episode today was about this lady who had a massive problem of hording. I mean it was unbelievable! This woman was obviously trying to fill a void and was actually creating an even worse problem for her and her family. As a result this lady and her husband were prisoners in their own home. They could barely sleep, let alone walk and 'live' inside their own home. Their kids stopped coming to see them 'cause there just wasn't any place to sit and visit. I'm not quite sure how people actually live this way, but they managed to for over 12 years. They lived in a 3000 sq foot house, 3 car garage filled from floor to ceiling with .....junk. Even the trunk of the car was filled with 'stuff' that had been there for goodness knows how long. She was a shopaholic who had stuff galore.

The good news is that Oprah had a professional team of one hundred people spend two months going through the house making piles of donations, to sell, throw away, and keep. There was 75 TONS, yep that's right, TONS of stuff overall. Fifteen of those HUGE garbage bins each with a 5 ton capacity. Now I'm not wanting to sound in judgement of her or her husband for not intervening, I'm just really glad that they seem to be getting help and can hopefully start to enjoy the second half of their life now with family and friends. In watching this it motivated me to go through my 'stuff', well crap really. We are no where near being that cluttery of a family but I sat my kids down and made them watch about 5 minutes of that show so they could see what not cleaning their room leads to. They were more than enthusiastic about cleaning their rooms (we'll see how long that lasts) I taped the show in any case and just might have to resort to another viewing from time to time.

Tomorrow 3 of the kiddos have the day off of school (the younger 3) and though they are entitled to a day to play and rest and NOT have to do homework, I am for atleast part of the day going to put them to work. We will be going through dressers, closets, cupboards and drawers and purging anything we haven't used for 6-12 months, anything too small or that we simply just don't need. Usually the kids are pretty happy to fill a bag to give to the less fortunate. So, we'll see how that goes. I always tell the kids to start out with cranking the music. It always makes cleaning and sorting way more fun...or just fun period! I heard lil' Emma telling one of her friends that she couldn't play til' her room was clean and then proceeded to guide her in turning some music on first and then cleaning from there. Here's hoping to a fun, productive day tomorrow!

Saturday, November 10, 2007


It's just one of 'those' days. Everytime I get near being comfortable and relaxed I hear "MOM! ....." or the kids are fighting over something absolutely ridiculous and will NOT stop! Now this is reminding me of having a newborn who must have a sense of humour because everytime I would rock him/her to sleep and was just about to ever so carefully sit down for a moments rest...."WHAAAAAA!!!!" Almost comically. Today has been like that. Just this afternoon but in any case it's quite ridiculous. The most recent call for mom was "MOM, there's a big bug in my room!" ...oh great what am I going to find? To my relief it was prayingmantis on the screen outside the window. Phhhheeewwww! Just after I took a photo of it and sat down getting all comfy again, Emma shouts out "MOM, I think it has a headache" I ask why she would think that. She responds " because it's rubbing his hands on his forehead!" "I bet you're right Emma". Too sweet I tell ya.

101 Things To Do In 1001 Days

I was reading a blog called Simple Life At Home and it had an interesting idea of making a 'to do list' of 101 things but they should be done in 1001 days. First of all I don't even know if I have 101 things to do. Take that back.....I'm not sure how interesting my list will really be, but hey being more productive is a great thing and I am a person who enjoys lists and my favourite.....crossing things off my list. So here it goes,

#1 (by the way in NO particular order, drum-roll please..........)
*1.making my 101 list. (Did 11-10-07)
2.going to the beach for a run :D (excited about this one)
3.going to the beach by myself to read.
4.Read 'To Kill A Mockingbird' like I was supposed to in highschool.
5.Read the whole bible.
6.running a marathon
7.going away with hubby for a weekend.(did Jan5th 2008) going on a cruise.
9.get extended families personal contact info updated.(all but two)
10.write a christmas letter and actually send it.(ok, have to wait til Christmas)
11.send card to Gramma once a month.
12.write about my life.
13.get picture of biological father/health history if possible.
14.go to the spa.(did but would love to do again :D )
15.learn to crochet and prove first grade 'meanyhead teacher Mrs. Johnson' wrong!
16.take a dance class of some sort.
17.learn to play guitar. with my husband.
19.go bike riding.
20.go hiking.
21.get livingroom painted
22.decorate and furnish livingroom.
23.paint bedroom
24.paint gameroom
25.finish painting girls room
26. re-arrange Emma's room(did)
27.get yard landscaped front/back
28.look more into cosmotology schools(working on it)
29.walk 30 min. a day for a month something nice for someone once a week
31.go through my closet/dresser....LET IT GO ALREADY!(did) a girls only trip with my mom and sister
33.go to New York
34.guess i should add....get passports! yoga regularly for a month
36.paint a picture that's hangable
37.make ceramics with Hannah
38.get photos organized
39.make album for each kid
40.go to Santa Barbara already!
41.take a photography class
42.find a good obgyn(found one)
43.get gameroom closet organized
44.get camcorder tapes on dvd
45.get wedding rings re-sized and dipped
46.go skiing
47.sponsor a child in a 3rd world country Anne of Green Gables straight through Pride and Prejudice straight through
50.go kayaking
51.go see Wicked (did/loved it!)
52.wash all my windows (house)
53.try a new recipe once a month(did)
54.have the girls cook once a week healthier(am doing pretty good at this)
56.find Dr. I like
57.organize paperwork
58.organize hall closets
59.go through jewelry/organize
60.learn to french braid
61.start/go to a bible study(did) a party for adults
63.find a good red lipstick a mother/daughter study with girls with Christian on his reading(in progress)
66.take Christian on a date(did and have to do again)
67.get ceramic Christmas tree like Gramma used to make(did thanx to Donna)
68.learn to speak french again
69.find a really great pair of jeans
70.get a livingwill (I KNOW this should be #1)
71.go to British Columbia
72.take kids to the snow(
73.go to the mountains, desert and beach in the same day. (just cause I can)
74.organize my address book (LONG overdue)
75.keep car cleaned for a straight month(did)
76.drink lots of water for a week(am doing)
77.use the china more often (life's too short...why not?)
78.go ice skating with whole family (c'mon Lar)
79.get new bedspread(did thanx Donna) all my photos onto disc
81.update my ipod(did)
82.get new family photo
83.get a facial(did)
84.candlelight bath baby!(did) something new from Victorias Secret
86.go to Boomers with Lar
87.join some sort of sport team
88.go to Mexico for citizenship test
90.take a couples cooking class
91.keep up my grattitude journal more regularly out my garage/organizing it and keeping it clean for more than 2 weeks.(kinda)
93.update kids 'keepsake' boxes
94.finish my 'what I love' list(did)
95.keep my room clean for a week straight(did)
96.learn to make a really good steak
97.go to dentist :( a week fast of sugar
99.go to gym atleast 3x/week for a month to the beach from home make a new 101 list after this one is completed.

I tried posting a countdown clock but couldn't get it to work but apparently I have until August 8th of 2010 to finish this list. We'll see how it goes eh! Happy checking.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Precious and Pink

Not much to say except my son is quite secure in his boyhood and he and his sister cozied up while reading a book together. One advancing in reading while the other is trying to catch up and doing a good job I might add. Precious moments.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Well, that sure came and went fast but it was a rather festive Halloween for the Hampton family this year. The kids really enjoy dressing up, getting to wear make-up OUT of the house and of coarse the absolutely LOVE getting candy! This year they faired better than most too!

I remember being a kid coming home with pillow cases full of candy and since I've had kids they haven't got even half of what I used to. That's probably a good thing though. I still end up tossing half of theirs away anyways. This year I got smart and bought a lock and have all their candy locked up in a cupboard in the garage. They aren't even really asking me for much of it either. I think it's the out of sight out of mind thing. It also helps me and my lack of self-discipline too!

This year we had Chrish who was a punk skateboarder (cheap costume....I only had to buy tatoos and hair paint). Emmabear already had a cheerleading costume she got for her birthday or last Christmas and was more than happy to wear that. Hannah was such a perfect, gorgeous little Red Riding Hood as you'll see in her photo. Then Caley who I must say had very little options on what to wear. Not even a teenager and most of the costumes that would fit her were VERY sleazy and provocative. We found one we both liked which I think was called "the Nature Fairy" and she looked beautiful. Me? I wore a shirt with hearts all over and painted a little heart on my cheek and was calling myself a "sweetheart". I could've been 'the Queen of Hearts' but didn't really want to wear a tiara this year. Chrish said "Dad, what are you dressed up as?" Larry replied "comfortable!"

We had a fun, messy gooey time carving our pumpkins. Actually finding them was the more difficult task, but luckily we did. The kids couldn't wait to get their pumpkins all carved. I came up with this 'brilliant' idea? I thought while they were gutting their pumpkins I would be in the kitchen 'surprising' them with a festive, yummy treat. Well, my yummy idea turned out very melt in your mouth tasty but at the cost of a few pumpkins. They made way more of a mess just in those few minutes it took me to whip those muffins up. Chrish ended up cutting a way too big of hole at the top where the lid is supposed to go. We ended up turning his pumpkin into a 'mummy' pumpkin which he was pretty thrilled about.(and don't worry we most definitely did not light it) Something a little different this year. Emma insisted after I already cut the mouth that her pumpkin have red lips. Larry and I enjoyed carving a pumpkin together this year too. We went for a 'spongebob' look and I think we pulled it off quite well.

Hannah and Christian got really festive and decorated the entire front yard with webs all over and they made a giant spider out of newspaper. They decorated the mailbox and made the front yard very cute. I'm shocked how fast that came and went but we sure did enjoy it and they are already deciding on what they will be next year.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thoughtfulness From India to Canada to Cali....

Yesterday we got a package! It's pretty exciting even just getting a package, and then you get to unwrap it, and while the box was to hold a set of drinking glasses (very nice by the way mom and dad) what was inside was even more intriguing. Dad who had gone to India work related for 6 whole weeks was already incredibly sweet and thoughtful to have hand-picked a postcard specifically for each of the kids with their 'special' topic of interest. The kids brought them to school to show their teachers and friends and were really happy about those. You could tell they felt extra-special that their Opa did that for them. Though they were sent the same day I think it added to the 'specialness' that they each got their own piece of mail each on a separate day.
When the kids got home from school yesterday I couldn't wait to show them their special gift from Opa. They were squealing with delight! I really should've video taped it, I just never remember til' after the fact. (a new years resolution already for 2008?) Anyways, Dad had picked out this colourful drum for Christian which is perfect for him. Though he didn't send me any headache medicine to go with it, just seeing Chrish play on that drum (even while watching the world series) was pretty precious. Hannahbear knew right away which package she wanted. Hers was a pink beaded purse. She just gasped and hugged it when she saw it! It also came along with many beautiful bracelets and a gorgeous ring too! Emma reached for the purple beaded purse with multi coloured bracelets of purple, blue and gold. Caley wasn't here when we opened the package but when she got home she absolutely loved her green (a favourite colour of hers lately) purse, red and gold beautiful bracelets and a multi-coloured ring that she loves! I heard her in her excitement telling one of her friends that "my Opa gave me these and they're all the way from India!". Larry was given a black t-shirt which he likes with a pretty cool symbol or picture on it. Now assuming that I handed things out to their intended owner : { ..... I was given a gorgeous, beautifully embroidered tunic I think you call it. I believe I also got this very feminine, delicate jewellery set with lavender jewels. One of my favourite colours too! (plus, purple reminds me of royalty and you know.....I AM a princess!) Along with these gold bracelets with bright coloured gems on them and they make that ding-a-ling sound when you where them on your wrist. Don't ask me why, I just have always loved that sound.
So, there you have it! My Dad spoiled us rotten and we like it! It was so very sweet and thoughtful of him to think of us on his trip. Plus it's a great reminder of him and his love for us. Even though we're separated 3000 miles apart we think of him often and love him beyond words! He is such a rich blessing in our lives, a gift from God!
If you're reading this.....I love you Dad and thanks you tons and tons!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Your Thang

Yesterday I ventured out and went for a run on the trails by my house. I'm not exactly sure how far I ended up going but ran for an hour. I met, well waved hi I guess you could say to all kinds of people. Some would just smile, while others gave a 'head nod' and yet others would say "hi" and I in turn not wanting to shout (sometimes with my headphones on I don't realize my actual volume and I tend to yell) would wave "hi" instead. It was such a beautiful day out and as I planned, I enjoyed all kinds of plantlife, playful birds, fragrant and NOT so fragrant smells. Saw more rural parts of this town than I'd ever seen before. At one point I even saw a donkey just munching on some straw.

I really soaked in the warm sunshine and was grateful for the cool breeze too. At times I would make a landmark as I tend to do to encourage myself to go 'just a bit further' and when I'd make it to that certain landmark it was like God was high fiving me for crossing that next line. I certainly enjoyed myself while trying to balance pushing myself a bit and not too much so that I would'nt be too sore. I'm still getting used to more regular exercise these days. I've always enjoyed it but haven't really made it a priority as I'm trying to do now. While some people have their 'thing', their outlet in some way or other I'm learning that running and exercising is 'my' thing! Some people just have to paint, or design, or sing or play an instrument....I notice that if I don't have me time, it's NOT pretty! I'm a much better, nicer, more calm person if I just get even a little bit of me time. Part of the running for me is also a sense of accomplishment I think which I think everyone needs too.

I think I'm going to change things up a bit though from time to time. Like working out in the gym, going for a bike ride, running in the neighbourhood, or at a park, and I'm especially looking forward to running along the beach. That'll be a fun one! Well, whatever is your 'thing' make time for it and, enjoy it to the fullest!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Full of Possibilities!

Today is full of possibilities! It's already 845am and I've got the dishes done, counters wiped down, breakfast made, kids ready and out the door, bathroom cleaned up, and I'm dressed and ready to go. Thought I'd sit here and check my email while my food digests but other than that I'm ready for all the possibilities for today! On the agenda for today are the must do's which include attending Chrish's soccer game which I'm looking forward to seeing my boy play his big heart out. Then later this afternoon is babysitting for my sister n' law so she can go to a wedding. That's from 345pm til' late tonight and will be fun and tiring I'm sure :D
Now on to......the possibilities! Maybe I could go running with the wind blowing against my face, my heart beating to a favourite song I like, being in the sunshine surrounded by the birds and such fascinating, detailed creation like the trees, plants and flowers. Besides great exersice I think it's also incredibly healthy for the mind and spirit too.
What else? Let me see, there's the unlikely possibility of reading a few chapters of a good book. I'm trying to dig into the one called "Eat, Pray, Love". I've heard good things about it but seem to get laughably interrupted every time I begin to crack open the book. Hhmm? Maybe the timing is just not right. Or, maybe that's just life. In any case I'm determined to get started on that book.
There's amazing possibilities with food everyday. I told you I enjoy food! There's the tasty veggies with some garlic and a dallop of butter which I always enjoy. Some flavourful chicken or a nice juicy steak.....oh, wait I actually prefer mine dry. I didn't say I was a great cook. Just that I really enjoy food. Some yummy hazelnut coffee with a bit of carmel creamer which is highly likely especially around 6pm tonight after chasing my two neices around a bit. Oh, I also think I'll make some scones. I've had this new recipe I've been wanting to try for the last few days and why not today. Though I'm full my tongue can almost taste the jasmine green tea accompanying a tasty fluffy scone. Okay enough of the food my mouth is craving a few too many things.
Well, we'll see what actually happens today. Possibilities are really quite endless most everyday and hopefully today will be a productive, yet relaxing (atleast for a little bit) fun enjoyable day! I hope yours is all you want it to be today too!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Thou Shalt Add miniMarshmellows!

Goodmorning! So after getting to bed after 2a.m hanging out with some girlfriends (that's VERY late for me!) I woke up at 7a.m (which is sleeping in for me) to do dishes, laundry...okay not really it just sounded better...I had to go pee SO bad! So then I also wanted to see if it was still raining and find out if Chrish's game was cancelled. Yes his game is cancelled because the fields are too wet - he's NOT happy about that (even went to sleep in his shin guards and uniform) When I opened the curtains to see that it was still raining I got almost giddy. Actually as I speak, my kids are outside all bundled up (sweatshirts, hats, mitts {good} and flip flops? EMMA!?) playing outside in the rain. The kids have always been excited when it rains. Almost as much as I was about it snowing when I lived back in Canada. We also have a rule in our house, that when it rains it's just an unspoken rule that THOU SHALT MAKE HOT COCO! With mini marshmellows atop of coarse!!!
I absolutely LOVE these kinds of days. These are the stay in your jammy days, snuggle up, play games and cuddle days. You can never get too much snuggle time in! Amamzingly the kids are all getting along! Going back outside for round number 2. They just helped brother get bundled up and I made Emmers change into more suitable shoes. I'm curious to see how many minutes it will take from the next time they come in for them to ask for their naturally expected hot cocoa. Now THIS is Autumn. Unlike our 80 degree weather in October. THIS is refreshing :D
I just went outside with the kids for a minute to take a photo. (Emma wasn't quite happy about that) It has already stopped raining : (
No sooner did I turn around to come back in and I hear "Hey mom, can we have our hot coco?" with each adding his/her own idea ....."oh yeah, and smores, and cookies and ...." OKAY 9am let's pass on the smores atleast til' after lunch. Hot cocoa okay but smores? Not quite yet! Better go start on the coco.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Seat LOCK!

Ok too funny not to share. You know how when someone wants to sit in the front seat of the car they yell out "shotgun!"? Well, the girls had finished their homework and were both being couch potatoey. Well, I'm not sure which one but one of the girls had to get up for something and shouted out "seat lock!" Hadn't heard that one before. We just laughed ;D
I don't know why they think they can claim their spot on the couch but they sure do try. Sometimes they'll go off even for an hour or twenty minutes or so thinking that when they get back that they are actually entitled to "their" spot again. I mean if they have to go to the washroom or get a drink and want to return back to their seat I understand but more than a few minutes I don't think so. They've even resorted to leaving "reserved" signs on their spot.
Now of coarse being a parent.....well, we've earned the right to sit wherever we'd like whenever we'd like! I remember as a kid hearing that. "You're younger than me. Get up!, or Out of my chair!" Now I'm the adult and I get the luxuries that come with it. They don't tell you when you're a kid though that with the benefits comes all the stresses and responsibilities too! Probably a good thing.
Emma today brought home a colourful picture of the world. She was asking Lar and I "how do you spell Columno?". "What do you mean honey?" come to find out she meant Columbus. Too cute I tell ya!
I love the cute not quite right things they say. I'm hearing less and less the older they get but have written a few of them down over the years.
There's the typical almost expected ones like "panpakes, pagetti, tomatoe meaning potatoe..." and then some famous ones like "front bum, who took a bite out of the moon?...." many more I've sadly forgotten and can't quite place where I put that special book with more of their cute sayings.
Now with them pretty much knowing how to talk properly it's the things they write that are pretty funny and cute. Emma sounded out the words "I LOVE you" all on her own and writes "ILFU". How adorable! Chrish got his spelling test back today and the spelling word was "crutches". You can probably already guess what he wrote.....yep, "crotches". I told him and I knew he'd get a kick out of that which he did! One time Hannah didn't want to do dishes so she automatically started to write lines. She knew that I'd discipline her for not doing what she was told so she thought she'd get a head start I guess. This was when she was probably around five or six. It's amazing how kids can melt your heart unlike any other.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Catchin' My Breath

Well, in a little bit here I have to go pick up our oldest, Caley from her first dance. Yes, that's right! She went to a community dance that I'm told and trusting is well chaperoned and basically more like a party then an actual dance. She was extremely excited which I can understand why. I am excited to hear what she thought of it though. In her excitement, she couldn't get there soon enough. A half hour before the dance she had my keys and was insisting that we go. I told her that the doors wouldn't even open til' 7pm......when we got there 10 minutes early there was already a large crowd of a couple hundred kids. Ooops, next time we will leave a half hour early. While dropping her off she insisted that I NOT walk her in cause her friends were right there and she knows me. I could barely hold back the tears long enough to pull the car away from spectating eyes. I wasn't bawling, just crying a bit both happy and sad. Happy that my baby is growing up and sad that ......she's just growing up way too fast! I know it's all part of life, part of this 'journey' that we're on. I'm trying to really live in the moment and savour as much as possible. I think I do for the most part.
It's pretty hard to savour the moment when you're not feeling well as I am tonight. More than anything I'm tired and my throat is getting more and more sore by the second. Do you ever just have those days where you just WANT TO complain, and be a big baby and be pampered? That's how I feel today. But I'm sure all the things I have to do tomorrow will overshadow my 'not feeling well' and it will probably be good to distract myself from how bad I feel.
Well, gotta go pick Caley up. I guess I dozed off for a few.
I just went and picked up my girl. She DID have a great time as I expected! I got there about 15 minutes early (for parking) and was rather encouraged by all the security guards around and all the other 'eager to pick their kids up' parents that parked and were only inches from the doors. Most of them had this certain look of anticipation on their faces (probably all the 6th grade parents.) Then you could tell that ones that had been there done this a bunch of times already. They didn't seem to have that excited, nervous look on their faces. It cracked me up seeing the kids pouring out through the doors and most of them on their cell phones not even waiting to see if their parents were out the door. It was quite comical!
I'm So glad she had a great time! She hung out with a bunch of friends both old and new. The music selection was great apparently and though I'm told at first the 6th graders were a little shy (compared to the 7th and 8th) it didn't take long for them to start bustin' moves. So they DO dance at these parties! One of my friends has chaperoned before and said that the chaperones walk around putting their arms in between people if there is any couple dancing. There is a certain distance one must maintain at these dances. Well, she's already counting down til' the next dance in November. Caley was horrified when we told her that her dad and I would be chaperoning and were going to busta move and teach these young people to REALLY dance! We only said it for a reaction and got the one we thought we'd get.

Monday, October 1, 2007


Okay so after months of NOT going to the gym, I finally broke down and MADE myself go this morning! I'm so tired of hearing myself complain about this not fitting anymore "oh this must of shrunk too!" and "I'm SO exhausted.....". I'm sorry but I just can't eat only salad. I LIKE to eat! I enjoy food, and am VERY thankful God made it and pray we even get it in heaven (especially ice cream, and chocolate, well that's a given). I think the last time I went to the gym was in um (gulp) March, or maybe even April.'s October first today! Oh gosh, especially with the holidays coming up. Yikes!

I actually enjoy excersicing and working out, playing sports etc....I am just not one for doing it by myself. I had a work out partner and she just got so discouraged that she just quit. I think that's why I ended up quitting was because I didn't have anyone to go into that HUGE, overwhelming, stinky, sweaty pick up joint with. Well, it's hard to find someone who has a similar schedule as you, or even goes to the same gym as you (kind of expensive......I almost considered paying my friends way) I don't like going after the kids are in school because by the time I get into the gym it's mid-morning, then work-out, come home and shower and oh, it's lunchtime and the kids will be coming home soon. Where's the day gone then?

Last night I made sure to get to bed at a descent time, and asleep by 10pm. Not too bad! I woke up to see if it was near 5am and when I looked at the clock feeling pretty rested it was only 1am. Then I kept waking up off and on because I didn't want the alarm to wake everyone up that early. I ended getting out of bed 15 minutes before my alarm went off at 5am. Got dressed, even did some stretching. I'm big on that! I remember how sore and stiff you get when you don't stretch enough. Had my work out outfit, running shoes, sweat cloth, and ipod all ready and charged last night ready to go. I sat on the couch for about 10 minutes this morning going back and forth on "should I start today or not?" I knew if I didn't go today that it would be even harder tomorrow.

Got to the gym, where with the money that has been accumulating from all the months we didn't go.....we could have bought a peice of equiptment for our home which I'd still really like to do. I skipped the overwhelmingly complicated weights (you shouldn't have to re-assemble the weights yourself I'm sorry it's just too early for that!) with all the scatterd body builders and headed straight upstairs to do some cardio. The layout of this gym is really quite stupid to me. Instead of having privacy and facing outward like most gyms do, it has everyone looking inward where you can't help but people watch which is why I DON'T do the weights or atleast a lot cause I don't need people watching me fumble around and making that slamming noise every once in a while. I did the bike for a while and then went on this stair climber/eliptical machine. I got myself all situated, keys, water and sweat cloth placed just so. Picked my program and level and of coarse out of a dozen available machines I had to pick the one that made this really loud thumping noise. I kept waiting for a worker to come and tell me to get off it was too loud! I didn't want to make a scene so I just tried to do my time and remember NOT to go on the 4th machine from the wall again!

I was pretty winded but caught my breath on my way home whlie enjoying the beatiful sun rays peaking through the mountains. What a sight! Then I got home and started our morning wake up and get the kids ready for school routine. So now I'm off to have a hopefully very productive day. Then to bed early for me to get back at the gym again tomorrow ;D

Sunday, September 23, 2007

CHOCOLATE or Vanilla?

Well today started off with us going to watch lil' man play a soccer game which was fun. He scored the first goal for their team and they won 7-1. Uncle Myke came and watched too which was so sweet of him and meant a lot to Chrish. We then headed home for a bit and then of coarse to our favourite breakfast place The Original Pancake House. (Yum yum!) After that my bro and I both needed to get our cars washed so we went and hung out at the carwash for a bit. Sweating in the supposed 'Autumn' weather.
Came home to a couple of cuddling sleepyheads on the couch (Lar and Emma) SO precious! We gained to more kids for the weekend which is fun for the kids. They so enjoy having friends over. First thing Chrish and Aaron did was make a guessed it, ......sigh.....fort. Then it was outside for them building, playing baseball, football, breaking the masterbath window : ( skateboarding, and soccer. The girls have been playing "bratz" which they do for hours and hours. Sometimes they won't even come out to eat, but more recently I'm insisting on it. They play so well together. Emma has been going back and forth from group to group til' she gets kicked out and the older kids want their privacy. Caley, poor girl has been fighting a really bad cold. I gave her sleepy cold meds though and she slept the majority of the day. Since she woke up she's been remarkably better - Yay! I really get bummed when the kids get sick or hurt or troubled. Not depressed bummed, just heavy hearted.
I think I've loaded and unloaded the dishwasher 3 times so far today. Still have some pots and pans to do too. My hands are squeaky ' palmolive' clean! I also baked two cakes. Chocolate and vanilla. We took a vote and were split; meaning they wanted vanilla and mama wanted chocolate! Boy that chocolate one sure was delicious ;P I decided that this weekend I would indulge however much I want because come Monday it's time to shape up and get serious. I'm planning on getting back to the gym and starting to work out again. It's been several months since I last went. I do enjoy working out I just am not thrilled about the idea of going by myself to this HUGE gym. But I figure I'll get my ipod and rock out with fun people such as: the Goo Goo Dolls, U2, Coldplay, good ol' Lenny Kravitz (he's great for cardio and cleaning too!..... I find if I get into my routine and exercise regularily I have more motivation to eat healthier but still realisticly ( how I DO love my sweets) Now it's time though early, for me to wind down and conserve some energy for tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Remote Control Anyone?

Don't you ever wish you could just 'pause' life sometimes? Certain moments in life that you could just savour a little longer and freeze. Or atleast have on 'slow-play' so you could live it but just a little bit slower. I'm so grateful to actually have more moments that I'd want to pause or slow-play than not.
I know sometimes there are definately moments I wish I could fast forward or rewind and re-do. It would be interesting to actually see yourself, live your life eh. Probably a bit weird, and even embarrassing at times but it would be a rather remarkable thing to be able to live outside ones self.
Right now I'm sitting on the couch with this odd non-noise. It's almost too quiet in here. It was bothering me so much I just had to turn on the tv in the back room. So then it wouldn't be right in front of me distracting me, but still giving me that soothing comfort of ' not being alone' I guess. The kids are actually due home from minimum day in about ten minutes now.
I've had a rather productive morning so that's a good feeling. Dishes done, laundry folded (put away? yeah right) counters washed, bathrooms cleaned, floors swept (not mopped cause on Wednesdays I get 7 kids running in/out of here for a bit in the it's pointless really) appliances wiped down of all the various sizes of fingerprints. I was telling a friend that it's almost pointless to clean BEFORE the kids get home because once their home from school all my morning work is 'undone' and I basically start over after homework time only don't get as far. I try to laugh about it and really do most days but some days it just gets to me. There are times I like to actually sit and enjoy the house being clean and today was one of those days. I'm planning on having to do it again after homework time and a dentist visit today while making dinner. The one good thing about being able to clean up the house so often is that I'm learning to do it pretty fast while thorough. Now here's to trying to 'teach' the kids to clean after themselves. They're getting a bit more trained than before so that's something. Well, I heard that car door slam........the kids are coming ; ) ..........Here we go!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Crooked Smile : {

The last couple of weeks we've been getting back into our 'school' routine as well as some other fun and not so fun things. On the not so fun part, quite sad really, my lil' Emmabear went to the dentist expecting to get some cavities filled. Well, she did get filled alright, with lots of numbing medicine. Poor thing had to get a root canal. Didn't know they even did those on kids so young. She was such a trooper and I honestly think it was harder on me than her. She was SO numbed up on the right side it lasted for several hours which started to worry me that maybe they shot her up with too much medicine. We kept checking on her saying "Emma, smile now" and this was the result: That was four or five hours after the dentist visit too. She now has her beautiful not crooked smile back.....Yay! and Whewww!
Okay so now for some of the fun things: Hhmmm well, let's start with the skate board ramp that was built by Christians uncle Chris. Quite the generous project he did I'd say. Just the thing lil' man needs though to keep him occupied and out of trouble. Any spare time he has he's on that ramp doing tricks that I can hardly bare to watch. He's quite incredible really, but his bravery that he has is a bit nerve wrecking.
On Friday Emma was invited to a 'Hannah Montanna' party. She's been counting down the days. We got her all dressed up as a 'rocker' and did her hair pretty stylin' and she got her hair all punked out with pink and purple spray, some make-up and nail polish to boot. The little diva came home all tuckered out having danced for an hour straight apparently.
Oh, and Christians back to playing soccer again with his dad as assistant coach. He's 7 playing with 9 year olds and his proud mama might add that he holds his own!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Back 2 School!

Well, the kids just finished their first full week at school. They started on the 4th and I think that we're all adjusting to our new schedule. No more sleeping in or staying up late, but I have to say I think routine is a good thing for all involved. On the first day it is our tradition to walk to school as a family and walk the kids to where they need to be. Caley and Emma accompanied us even though they both had different start times and Caley an all together different school. I have to say I did pretty good about not crying. Especially after the "you'd better not cry and embarrass me mom!" from Caley for a week before school even started. As we were walking seeing the kids who obviously sprouted up quite a bit over the summer, carrying their backpacks and with their new 'back to school' outfit and cute choked me up and I had to G-U-L-P down my emotions and take a deep breath. How fast my babes do grow : (
Emma is absolutely LOVING kindergarten! When I picked her up the first day I was so excited to hear how she did so I said "how was it Emma?" she shouted with a HUGE smile on her face " Mama, I got an A+!" and she still talks about that and how she's planning on getting more. Christian, now in the second grade is enjoying school. I think it's more that he gets to see his buddies. He's off to a good start though and even has gotten a few "star acheivement" awards already! That's my boy! Hannah is making the most of her last year at this school. Her fifth grade class is right next to Emmas kindergarten class so they can say hi to each other sometimes. She's not too happy about homework especially since she got some even on the first day but is good about coming home and getting it done. Caley, my Jr. really enjoying school and a little overwhelmed with the boat load of 6 classes of homework. She's holding her own though and getting used to this new amount of pressure.
I've just started volunteering in the three younger kids classes which is the first time I've been able to help out, being that I've always had a kiddo at home to tend to. So, it's something new and so far fun. Surprisingly tiring, but a nice chance to see the kids in their element.