Sunday, September 16, 2007

Crooked Smile : {

The last couple of weeks we've been getting back into our 'school' routine as well as some other fun and not so fun things. On the not so fun part, quite sad really, my lil' Emmabear went to the dentist expecting to get some cavities filled. Well, she did get filled alright, with lots of numbing medicine. Poor thing had to get a root canal. Didn't know they even did those on kids so young. She was such a trooper and I honestly think it was harder on me than her. She was SO numbed up on the right side it lasted for several hours which started to worry me that maybe they shot her up with too much medicine. We kept checking on her saying "Emma, smile now" and this was the result: That was four or five hours after the dentist visit too. She now has her beautiful not crooked smile back.....Yay! and Whewww!
Okay so now for some of the fun things: Hhmmm well, let's start with the skate board ramp that was built by Christians uncle Chris. Quite the generous project he did I'd say. Just the thing lil' man needs though to keep him occupied and out of trouble. Any spare time he has he's on that ramp doing tricks that I can hardly bare to watch. He's quite incredible really, but his bravery that he has is a bit nerve wrecking.
On Friday Emma was invited to a 'Hannah Montanna' party. She's been counting down the days. We got her all dressed up as a 'rocker' and did her hair pretty stylin' and she got her hair all punked out with pink and purple spray, some make-up and nail polish to boot. The little diva came home all tuckered out having danced for an hour straight apparently.
Oh, and Christians back to playing soccer again with his dad as assistant coach. He's 7 playing with 9 year olds and his proud mama might add that he holds his own!

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Great pictures and blog post, Cher.