Monday, September 3, 2007

Vacation 2007

Okay so that was fun! We just got back last night from our 9 day get away to Las Vegas. Las Vegas in August? Well, we stayed at our friends house. Our friends weren't there so we had the whole place to ourselves. We had more space then we knew what to do with. There was a pool too so we got TONS of swimming in!!!
I never realized what little fishies my kids were til' this trip. We swam for hours and hours every day, and I don't think the water temperature could've been any more perfect. It was so nice to be able to watch them and yet at the same time relax on my inflatable lounge chair while getting a nice tan too. I also really enjoyed playing various games like "Marco Polo" and lap races, or who could stand on their hands the longest, who could do the most somersaults.....It really made me feel like I was a young kid again. Plus, not to mention watching the kids have SO much fun while having fun with them is to me a piece of heaven on earth. I LOVE watching people have a great time and smile and laugh uninhibited!
Maybe I should've started with this first but......We left for our trip on a Friday night (to avoid traffic-yuck!) and also (the hubby had a poker game and what's more is we had a better chance of NOT hearing "are we there yet?" for 3 hours the later we left) so we left around 3am (hubby's a nightowl what can I say?) and I couldn't sleep at all on the way there 'cause I felt a duty to make sure he didn't fall asleep (it was more me, than him) So by the time we got there the sun was just coming up and the kids started to awake one by one. Then we got to the house, and by this time Larry and I are exhausted and the kids are becoming more increasingly excited! We tell them to stay put in the livingroom if they were'nt going to bed, and we tried to get some sleep. Well, he got some and I got 15minutes. I got woke up with a "MOM! There's a loud beep going on and it won't stop!" So I rushed downstairs with my eyes somewhat cracked open, and managed to find that horribly loud screeching alarm! With the push of a button it had stopped. I guess they unlocked a door they weren't suppose to. So, I then went to the couch and couldn't keep my eyes open and was constantly awoke by "Can we go swimming?" and "Mom I'm hungry!" I finally gave up on trying to get sleep. I don't know about you but whenever I try to nap or sleep and am being interupted it only makes me more cranky, so I just don't until the time is more suitable.
I did get my second wind and we enjoyed our first day as well as all the rest with swimming,swimming,swimming and more swimming! As well as eating yummy vacation foods such as donuts, ice cream, cookies, chips and dip.........mixed in with some healthy food too of coarse, but hey we were on vacation or atleast that's what I kept telling myself. Seriously though I don't think my kids have eaten so much fruit in one week. I kept a pretty consistent bowl of cut up fruit that kept emptying before I could even finish cutting up the day lot.
There was one day that hubby took us to Circus Circus. They still were saying thank you just yesterday and that was a few days ago! We got there, ate at a really expensive, crappy restaurant where my youngest wouldn't even eat a quesadilla. Now how can you go wrong with that? SO, okay moving onto the attractions. We got our tickets (luckily the gal at the counter was gracious enough to point out where to get some coupons, otherwise a family of 6 for a daypass would be like a million dollars....instead it was half price, thank you nice lady!) Then we spent the day riding on rollercoasters, a huge watercoaster, bumper cars of coarse (they rock), bungee jumping, some 3D shows. Emma did NOT enjoy the SpongeBoB motion ride (thank God it was only 4-5 minutes! There were also some carnival games and a trashbag full of stuffed animals were won (cause we needed more stuffed animals) Oh another one Emma did NOT like was the little bumpy train coaster! There was actually a video camera in front of every car and so we got to see her expression the whole was kind of funny but we didnt' want to buy it for fear of embarrassing her down the road at how scared she was :( Sounds mean but you had to be there. We ended our time there with allowing the kids to get a "build-a-fake-bear" which they've been cuddling with since.
Our time in Vegas was very bonding. Lots of cuddling, watching movies, colouring, poker (well, hubby did),fooseball, reading books, painting nails, and of coarse yes even on vacation the kids just had to make a fort changing it every five minutes making it bigger and better. I have to admit the time went surprisingly fast, but not too fast like it sometimes does. We couldn't remember the last time we took a vacation and did, well in some peoples books, nothing. No tours, no meeting up with people, no be here at this time and take this map and find huh? We came back refreshed and relaxed and very thankful for our trip!

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