Sunday, September 23, 2007

CHOCOLATE or Vanilla?

Well today started off with us going to watch lil' man play a soccer game which was fun. He scored the first goal for their team and they won 7-1. Uncle Myke came and watched too which was so sweet of him and meant a lot to Chrish. We then headed home for a bit and then of coarse to our favourite breakfast place The Original Pancake House. (Yum yum!) After that my bro and I both needed to get our cars washed so we went and hung out at the carwash for a bit. Sweating in the supposed 'Autumn' weather.
Came home to a couple of cuddling sleepyheads on the couch (Lar and Emma) SO precious! We gained to more kids for the weekend which is fun for the kids. They so enjoy having friends over. First thing Chrish and Aaron did was make a guessed it, ......sigh.....fort. Then it was outside for them building, playing baseball, football, breaking the masterbath window : ( skateboarding, and soccer. The girls have been playing "bratz" which they do for hours and hours. Sometimes they won't even come out to eat, but more recently I'm insisting on it. They play so well together. Emma has been going back and forth from group to group til' she gets kicked out and the older kids want their privacy. Caley, poor girl has been fighting a really bad cold. I gave her sleepy cold meds though and she slept the majority of the day. Since she woke up she's been remarkably better - Yay! I really get bummed when the kids get sick or hurt or troubled. Not depressed bummed, just heavy hearted.
I think I've loaded and unloaded the dishwasher 3 times so far today. Still have some pots and pans to do too. My hands are squeaky ' palmolive' clean! I also baked two cakes. Chocolate and vanilla. We took a vote and were split; meaning they wanted vanilla and mama wanted chocolate! Boy that chocolate one sure was delicious ;P I decided that this weekend I would indulge however much I want because come Monday it's time to shape up and get serious. I'm planning on getting back to the gym and starting to work out again. It's been several months since I last went. I do enjoy working out I just am not thrilled about the idea of going by myself to this HUGE gym. But I figure I'll get my ipod and rock out with fun people such as: the Goo Goo Dolls, U2, Coldplay, good ol' Lenny Kravitz (he's great for cardio and cleaning too!..... I find if I get into my routine and exercise regularily I have more motivation to eat healthier but still realisticly ( how I DO love my sweets) Now it's time though early, for me to wind down and conserve some energy for tomorrow.

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