Saturday, September 15, 2007

Back 2 School!

Well, the kids just finished their first full week at school. They started on the 4th and I think that we're all adjusting to our new schedule. No more sleeping in or staying up late, but I have to say I think routine is a good thing for all involved. On the first day it is our tradition to walk to school as a family and walk the kids to where they need to be. Caley and Emma accompanied us even though they both had different start times and Caley an all together different school. I have to say I did pretty good about not crying. Especially after the "you'd better not cry and embarrass me mom!" from Caley for a week before school even started. As we were walking seeing the kids who obviously sprouted up quite a bit over the summer, carrying their backpacks and with their new 'back to school' outfit and cute choked me up and I had to G-U-L-P down my emotions and take a deep breath. How fast my babes do grow : (
Emma is absolutely LOVING kindergarten! When I picked her up the first day I was so excited to hear how she did so I said "how was it Emma?" she shouted with a HUGE smile on her face " Mama, I got an A+!" and she still talks about that and how she's planning on getting more. Christian, now in the second grade is enjoying school. I think it's more that he gets to see his buddies. He's off to a good start though and even has gotten a few "star acheivement" awards already! That's my boy! Hannah is making the most of her last year at this school. Her fifth grade class is right next to Emmas kindergarten class so they can say hi to each other sometimes. She's not too happy about homework especially since she got some even on the first day but is good about coming home and getting it done. Caley, my Jr. really enjoying school and a little overwhelmed with the boat load of 6 classes of homework. She's holding her own though and getting used to this new amount of pressure.
I've just started volunteering in the three younger kids classes which is the first time I've been able to help out, being that I've always had a kiddo at home to tend to. So, it's something new and so far fun. Surprisingly tiring, but a nice chance to see the kids in their element.

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Imaear said...

Brings back unforgetable memories with our five. Still have one left though, going into grade 10 at 7:30 am to catch the school bus for Twin Lakes high school. He asked me last year not to walk him to the bus stop, but to drive by in the car and he'd come over and give me a hug. That's cool. A.J. (Andrew) brought all his grades up above average last school year. Not only did his grade moved up, last Feb.-March, his head was just above my big belly. Now we are head to head. Yes we all "cherily" grow up.

Happy family growth
Tom S.