Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to School 2010

Well today was the first day that all the kids are back in school. Three of them headed back to school on Tuesday but my Hannahbear was @ home sick with the flu poor thing. She missed the first two days, but would definitely have preferred to be at school. Thankfully she's almost back to 100%... still a bit of an upset tummy but that always takes time to heal after such an upset.

Caley started highschool and 'shocker' uh hem NOT... she LOVED it! Most of her friends are at other schools but she's my social 'b' (butterfly) and adjusts quite well to change. So proud of her. She surely is blossoming into quite a beautiful young taller than her mama woman. Caleys also in soccer and pretty much the team was a group of friends who were handpicked. So that'll make for a fun season.

Hannah has only one day of 8th grade under her belt but seems good so far. Just a few notes to copy nothing much yet on the homework front. She had a growth spurt over the summer herself and has joined the club of towering over her mama. Beautiful, precious girl. Hannah's latest 'kick' is an ' I want a piggy!' kick where she draws out plans, writes me sweet notes, and makes all these promises and arguments as to why she MUST have a teacup piggy.

Chrish & Emma share a class together so I figured they can share a paragraph too. It's a 3-4-5 combo class. I love the teachers! Emma came home the first day saying ' mommy my teachers are hilarious!' so that's a great sign. Teachers should make learning fun. Chrish was in this class last year and had a tough time. I'm hoping that this year he will really surprise us all and show great effort in his studies this year. If not, may have to move him to a new class, we'll see. Chrish is doing soccer again. I think he's really burning out on it though unfortunately. Especially for such a talented kid. Can't say as I blame him though. In 2 weekends he's already had 7 games. Seems like a lot to me. Emma had her first gymnastics class last night. Something she's been asking for for a long time now. She was BEAMING! Quite giddy actually and besides the good excercise it tuckered her out ;) I'm glad that she's found something that she enjoys.

So I think that's the latest here. I'm praying we all stay healthy and enjoy this new season. The weather is a bit confusing but there's beauty in all of it.

Monday, August 30, 2010

New Role

Well this is my first blog as a single mom. I've been one for technically almost a year now but felt like one for the last 14 years. Let me back track a bit. I've been married for 16 years, was pretty happy with my 'husband', and four kids. Life wasn't perfect but I didn't expect it to be. In fact I rather enjoyed some of the imperfections and was truly gratefuI for our family life!

Let me just spare the long story and say that it takes 2 to make a relationship work. I was totally in. He wasn't. It blows me away that it's been almost a year now. Still somewhat surreal really. The death of a relationship takes time to mourn and for all ones heartstrings to really be severed. Slowly, the hurt is peeling in layers, going deeper and deeper.

He pretty much moved out and right into his girlfriends house with her 2 boys. Talk about rejection! What hurts the most is all the pain and hurt my kids have to go through. I've been and am hurting too but no one messes with my kids! I see the pain in their eyes, the nightmares, the being scared someone's going to hurt us or break in. They know their dads dad left on him when he was a kid and have asked him why he would do that to them since he knew how it felt. I am proud of them for articulating so well. My kids are really quite amazing! They are such gifts from God and are why I get out of bed every morning.

There have already been some changes and will be even more to come. Making this home 'our' home and ridding it of 'his' stuff has been very mixed but mostly a healthy necessary thing. Trying to make this home more organized, more fun, more structured. I've been trying to enjoy the summer with the kids and really enjoy each day to the fullest (as I always have) They have grown up so much this last year and unnaturally, not by choice. I want them to grow and mature but having to this forced and painful way is just crushing.

Good things have come from all this and I'm sure even more will be to come. The peace and love have been very evident to us. No tip toeing around, lots of laughing, cuddling and family time. We'll see what this next year has in store. Hopefully more bonding, more good long talks, lots more giggles and doing things on the spur of the moment. If I had to pick from a list of problems to have... I'd say there's a lot worse to ones have. I've got four healthy kids and am utterly grateful to God for them!

I'm going to be strong for them. Move on and make the best possible life I can for them. It won't be easy but I have four amazing inspirations to try my hardest for every day.