Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Remote Control Anyone?

Don't you ever wish you could just 'pause' life sometimes? Certain moments in life that you could just savour a little longer and freeze. Or atleast have on 'slow-play' so you could live it but just a little bit slower. I'm so grateful to actually have more moments that I'd want to pause or slow-play than not.
I know sometimes there are definately moments I wish I could fast forward or rewind and re-do. It would be interesting to actually see yourself, live your life eh. Probably a bit weird, and even embarrassing at times but it would be a rather remarkable thing to be able to live outside ones self.
Right now I'm sitting on the couch with this odd non-noise. It's almost too quiet in here. It was bothering me so much I just had to turn on the tv in the back room. So then it wouldn't be right in front of me distracting me, but still giving me that soothing comfort of ' not being alone' I guess. The kids are actually due home from minimum day in about ten minutes now.
I've had a rather productive morning so that's a good feeling. Dishes done, laundry folded (put away? yeah right) counters washed, bathrooms cleaned, floors swept (not mopped cause on Wednesdays I get 7 kids running in/out of here for a bit in the it's pointless really) appliances wiped down of all the various sizes of fingerprints. I was telling a friend that it's almost pointless to clean BEFORE the kids get home because once their home from school all my morning work is 'undone' and I basically start over after homework time only don't get as far. I try to laugh about it and really do most days but some days it just gets to me. There are times I like to actually sit and enjoy the house being clean and today was one of those days. I'm planning on having to do it again after homework time and a dentist visit today while making dinner. The one good thing about being able to clean up the house so often is that I'm learning to do it pretty fast while thorough. Now here's to trying to 'teach' the kids to clean after themselves. They're getting a bit more trained than before so that's something. Well, I heard that car door slam........the kids are coming ; ) ..........Here we go!

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