Monday, October 1, 2007


Okay so after months of NOT going to the gym, I finally broke down and MADE myself go this morning! I'm so tired of hearing myself complain about this not fitting anymore "oh this must of shrunk too!" and "I'm SO exhausted.....". I'm sorry but I just can't eat only salad. I LIKE to eat! I enjoy food, and am VERY thankful God made it and pray we even get it in heaven (especially ice cream, and chocolate, well that's a given). I think the last time I went to the gym was in um (gulp) March, or maybe even April.'s October first today! Oh gosh, especially with the holidays coming up. Yikes!

I actually enjoy excersicing and working out, playing sports etc....I am just not one for doing it by myself. I had a work out partner and she just got so discouraged that she just quit. I think that's why I ended up quitting was because I didn't have anyone to go into that HUGE, overwhelming, stinky, sweaty pick up joint with. Well, it's hard to find someone who has a similar schedule as you, or even goes to the same gym as you (kind of expensive......I almost considered paying my friends way) I don't like going after the kids are in school because by the time I get into the gym it's mid-morning, then work-out, come home and shower and oh, it's lunchtime and the kids will be coming home soon. Where's the day gone then?

Last night I made sure to get to bed at a descent time, and asleep by 10pm. Not too bad! I woke up to see if it was near 5am and when I looked at the clock feeling pretty rested it was only 1am. Then I kept waking up off and on because I didn't want the alarm to wake everyone up that early. I ended getting out of bed 15 minutes before my alarm went off at 5am. Got dressed, even did some stretching. I'm big on that! I remember how sore and stiff you get when you don't stretch enough. Had my work out outfit, running shoes, sweat cloth, and ipod all ready and charged last night ready to go. I sat on the couch for about 10 minutes this morning going back and forth on "should I start today or not?" I knew if I didn't go today that it would be even harder tomorrow.

Got to the gym, where with the money that has been accumulating from all the months we didn't go.....we could have bought a peice of equiptment for our home which I'd still really like to do. I skipped the overwhelmingly complicated weights (you shouldn't have to re-assemble the weights yourself I'm sorry it's just too early for that!) with all the scatterd body builders and headed straight upstairs to do some cardio. The layout of this gym is really quite stupid to me. Instead of having privacy and facing outward like most gyms do, it has everyone looking inward where you can't help but people watch which is why I DON'T do the weights or atleast a lot cause I don't need people watching me fumble around and making that slamming noise every once in a while. I did the bike for a while and then went on this stair climber/eliptical machine. I got myself all situated, keys, water and sweat cloth placed just so. Picked my program and level and of coarse out of a dozen available machines I had to pick the one that made this really loud thumping noise. I kept waiting for a worker to come and tell me to get off it was too loud! I didn't want to make a scene so I just tried to do my time and remember NOT to go on the 4th machine from the wall again!

I was pretty winded but caught my breath on my way home whlie enjoying the beatiful sun rays peaking through the mountains. What a sight! Then I got home and started our morning wake up and get the kids ready for school routine. So now I'm off to have a hopefully very productive day. Then to bed early for me to get back at the gym again tomorrow ;D

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I like when you blog, babe.