Sunday, October 21, 2007

Your Thang

Yesterday I ventured out and went for a run on the trails by my house. I'm not exactly sure how far I ended up going but ran for an hour. I met, well waved hi I guess you could say to all kinds of people. Some would just smile, while others gave a 'head nod' and yet others would say "hi" and I in turn not wanting to shout (sometimes with my headphones on I don't realize my actual volume and I tend to yell) would wave "hi" instead. It was such a beautiful day out and as I planned, I enjoyed all kinds of plantlife, playful birds, fragrant and NOT so fragrant smells. Saw more rural parts of this town than I'd ever seen before. At one point I even saw a donkey just munching on some straw.

I really soaked in the warm sunshine and was grateful for the cool breeze too. At times I would make a landmark as I tend to do to encourage myself to go 'just a bit further' and when I'd make it to that certain landmark it was like God was high fiving me for crossing that next line. I certainly enjoyed myself while trying to balance pushing myself a bit and not too much so that I would'nt be too sore. I'm still getting used to more regular exercise these days. I've always enjoyed it but haven't really made it a priority as I'm trying to do now. While some people have their 'thing', their outlet in some way or other I'm learning that running and exercising is 'my' thing! Some people just have to paint, or design, or sing or play an instrument....I notice that if I don't have me time, it's NOT pretty! I'm a much better, nicer, more calm person if I just get even a little bit of me time. Part of the running for me is also a sense of accomplishment I think which I think everyone needs too.

I think I'm going to change things up a bit though from time to time. Like working out in the gym, going for a bike ride, running in the neighbourhood, or at a park, and I'm especially looking forward to running along the beach. That'll be a fun one! Well, whatever is your 'thing' make time for it and, enjoy it to the fullest!

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