Friday, October 5, 2007

Catchin' My Breath

Well, in a little bit here I have to go pick up our oldest, Caley from her first dance. Yes, that's right! She went to a community dance that I'm told and trusting is well chaperoned and basically more like a party then an actual dance. She was extremely excited which I can understand why. I am excited to hear what she thought of it though. In her excitement, she couldn't get there soon enough. A half hour before the dance she had my keys and was insisting that we go. I told her that the doors wouldn't even open til' 7pm......when we got there 10 minutes early there was already a large crowd of a couple hundred kids. Ooops, next time we will leave a half hour early. While dropping her off she insisted that I NOT walk her in cause her friends were right there and she knows me. I could barely hold back the tears long enough to pull the car away from spectating eyes. I wasn't bawling, just crying a bit both happy and sad. Happy that my baby is growing up and sad that ......she's just growing up way too fast! I know it's all part of life, part of this 'journey' that we're on. I'm trying to really live in the moment and savour as much as possible. I think I do for the most part.
It's pretty hard to savour the moment when you're not feeling well as I am tonight. More than anything I'm tired and my throat is getting more and more sore by the second. Do you ever just have those days where you just WANT TO complain, and be a big baby and be pampered? That's how I feel today. But I'm sure all the things I have to do tomorrow will overshadow my 'not feeling well' and it will probably be good to distract myself from how bad I feel.
Well, gotta go pick Caley up. I guess I dozed off for a few.
I just went and picked up my girl. She DID have a great time as I expected! I got there about 15 minutes early (for parking) and was rather encouraged by all the security guards around and all the other 'eager to pick their kids up' parents that parked and were only inches from the doors. Most of them had this certain look of anticipation on their faces (probably all the 6th grade parents.) Then you could tell that ones that had been there done this a bunch of times already. They didn't seem to have that excited, nervous look on their faces. It cracked me up seeing the kids pouring out through the doors and most of them on their cell phones not even waiting to see if their parents were out the door. It was quite comical!
I'm So glad she had a great time! She hung out with a bunch of friends both old and new. The music selection was great apparently and though I'm told at first the 6th graders were a little shy (compared to the 7th and 8th) it didn't take long for them to start bustin' moves. So they DO dance at these parties! One of my friends has chaperoned before and said that the chaperones walk around putting their arms in between people if there is any couple dancing. There is a certain distance one must maintain at these dances. Well, she's already counting down til' the next dance in November. Caley was horrified when we told her that her dad and I would be chaperoning and were going to busta move and teach these young people to REALLY dance! We only said it for a reaction and got the one we thought we'd get.

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