Saturday, October 13, 2007

Thou Shalt Add miniMarshmellows!

Goodmorning! So after getting to bed after 2a.m hanging out with some girlfriends (that's VERY late for me!) I woke up at 7a.m (which is sleeping in for me) to do dishes, laundry...okay not really it just sounded better...I had to go pee SO bad! So then I also wanted to see if it was still raining and find out if Chrish's game was cancelled. Yes his game is cancelled because the fields are too wet - he's NOT happy about that (even went to sleep in his shin guards and uniform) When I opened the curtains to see that it was still raining I got almost giddy. Actually as I speak, my kids are outside all bundled up (sweatshirts, hats, mitts {good} and flip flops? EMMA!?) playing outside in the rain. The kids have always been excited when it rains. Almost as much as I was about it snowing when I lived back in Canada. We also have a rule in our house, that when it rains it's just an unspoken rule that THOU SHALT MAKE HOT COCO! With mini marshmellows atop of coarse!!!
I absolutely LOVE these kinds of days. These are the stay in your jammy days, snuggle up, play games and cuddle days. You can never get too much snuggle time in! Amamzingly the kids are all getting along! Going back outside for round number 2. They just helped brother get bundled up and I made Emmers change into more suitable shoes. I'm curious to see how many minutes it will take from the next time they come in for them to ask for their naturally expected hot cocoa. Now THIS is Autumn. Unlike our 80 degree weather in October. THIS is refreshing :D
I just went outside with the kids for a minute to take a photo. (Emma wasn't quite happy about that) It has already stopped raining : (
No sooner did I turn around to come back in and I hear "Hey mom, can we have our hot coco?" with each adding his/her own idea ....."oh yeah, and smores, and cookies and ...." OKAY 9am let's pass on the smores atleast til' after lunch. Hot cocoa okay but smores? Not quite yet! Better go start on the coco.

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