Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Seat LOCK!

Ok too funny not to share. You know how when someone wants to sit in the front seat of the car they yell out "shotgun!"? Well, the girls had finished their homework and were both being couch potatoey. Well, I'm not sure which one but one of the girls had to get up for something and shouted out "seat lock!" Hadn't heard that one before. We just laughed ;D
I don't know why they think they can claim their spot on the couch but they sure do try. Sometimes they'll go off even for an hour or twenty minutes or so thinking that when they get back that they are actually entitled to "their" spot again. I mean if they have to go to the washroom or get a drink and want to return back to their seat I understand but more than a few minutes I don't think so. They've even resorted to leaving "reserved" signs on their spot.
Now of coarse being a parent.....well, we've earned the right to sit wherever we'd like whenever we'd like! I remember as a kid hearing that. "You're younger than me. Get up!, or Out of my chair!" Now I'm the adult and I get the luxuries that come with it. They don't tell you when you're a kid though that with the benefits comes all the stresses and responsibilities too! Probably a good thing.
Emma today brought home a colourful picture of the world. She was asking Lar and I "how do you spell Columno?". "What do you mean honey?" come to find out she meant Columbus. Too cute I tell ya!
I love the cute not quite right things they say. I'm hearing less and less the older they get but have written a few of them down over the years.
There's the typical almost expected ones like "panpakes, pagetti, tomatoe meaning potatoe..." and then some famous ones like "front bum, who took a bite out of the moon?...." many more I've sadly forgotten and can't quite place where I put that special book with more of their cute sayings.
Now with them pretty much knowing how to talk properly it's the things they write that are pretty funny and cute. Emma sounded out the words "I LOVE you" all on her own and writes "ILFU". How adorable! Chrish got his spelling test back today and the spelling word was "crutches". You can probably already guess what he wrote.....yep, "crotches". I told him and I knew he'd get a kick out of that which he did! One time Hannah didn't want to do dishes so she automatically started to write lines. She knew that I'd discipline her for not doing what she was told so she thought she'd get a head start I guess. This was when she was probably around five or six. It's amazing how kids can melt your heart unlike any other.

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LTA said...

I LOVE those stories. I have such a bad memory, so whenever you think of the things they say, PLEASE blog them!

I didn't even know some of those stories. I haven't heard "seat lock" yet, and never knew Hannah preemptively disciplined herself for not doing the dishes. Too funny.