Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thoughtfulness From India to Canada to Cali....

Yesterday we got a package! It's pretty exciting even just getting a package, and then you get to unwrap it, and while the box was to hold a set of drinking glasses (very nice by the way mom and dad) what was inside was even more intriguing. Dad who had gone to India work related for 6 whole weeks was already incredibly sweet and thoughtful to have hand-picked a postcard specifically for each of the kids with their 'special' topic of interest. The kids brought them to school to show their teachers and friends and were really happy about those. You could tell they felt extra-special that their Opa did that for them. Though they were sent the same day I think it added to the 'specialness' that they each got their own piece of mail each on a separate day.
When the kids got home from school yesterday I couldn't wait to show them their special gift from Opa. They were squealing with delight! I really should've video taped it, I just never remember til' after the fact. (a new years resolution already for 2008?) Anyways, Dad had picked out this colourful drum for Christian which is perfect for him. Though he didn't send me any headache medicine to go with it, just seeing Chrish play on that drum (even while watching the world series) was pretty precious. Hannahbear knew right away which package she wanted. Hers was a pink beaded purse. She just gasped and hugged it when she saw it! It also came along with many beautiful bracelets and a gorgeous ring too! Emma reached for the purple beaded purse with multi coloured bracelets of purple, blue and gold. Caley wasn't here when we opened the package but when she got home she absolutely loved her green (a favourite colour of hers lately) purse, red and gold beautiful bracelets and a multi-coloured ring that she loves! I heard her in her excitement telling one of her friends that "my Opa gave me these and they're all the way from India!". Larry was given a black t-shirt which he likes with a pretty cool symbol or picture on it. Now assuming that I handed things out to their intended owner : { ..... I was given a gorgeous, beautifully embroidered tunic I think you call it. I believe I also got this very feminine, delicate jewellery set with lavender jewels. One of my favourite colours too! (plus, purple reminds me of royalty and you know.....I AM a princess!) Along with these gold bracelets with bright coloured gems on them and they make that ding-a-ling sound when you where them on your wrist. Don't ask me why, I just have always loved that sound.
So, there you have it! My Dad spoiled us rotten and we like it! It was so very sweet and thoughtful of him to think of us on his trip. Plus it's a great reminder of him and his love for us. Even though we're separated 3000 miles apart we think of him often and love him beyond words! He is such a rich blessing in our lives, a gift from God!
If you're reading this.....I love you Dad and thanks you tons and tons!

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