Saturday, November 3, 2007


Well, that sure came and went fast but it was a rather festive Halloween for the Hampton family this year. The kids really enjoy dressing up, getting to wear make-up OUT of the house and of coarse the absolutely LOVE getting candy! This year they faired better than most too!

I remember being a kid coming home with pillow cases full of candy and since I've had kids they haven't got even half of what I used to. That's probably a good thing though. I still end up tossing half of theirs away anyways. This year I got smart and bought a lock and have all their candy locked up in a cupboard in the garage. They aren't even really asking me for much of it either. I think it's the out of sight out of mind thing. It also helps me and my lack of self-discipline too!

This year we had Chrish who was a punk skateboarder (cheap costume....I only had to buy tatoos and hair paint). Emmabear already had a cheerleading costume she got for her birthday or last Christmas and was more than happy to wear that. Hannah was such a perfect, gorgeous little Red Riding Hood as you'll see in her photo. Then Caley who I must say had very little options on what to wear. Not even a teenager and most of the costumes that would fit her were VERY sleazy and provocative. We found one we both liked which I think was called "the Nature Fairy" and she looked beautiful. Me? I wore a shirt with hearts all over and painted a little heart on my cheek and was calling myself a "sweetheart". I could've been 'the Queen of Hearts' but didn't really want to wear a tiara this year. Chrish said "Dad, what are you dressed up as?" Larry replied "comfortable!"

We had a fun, messy gooey time carving our pumpkins. Actually finding them was the more difficult task, but luckily we did. The kids couldn't wait to get their pumpkins all carved. I came up with this 'brilliant' idea? I thought while they were gutting their pumpkins I would be in the kitchen 'surprising' them with a festive, yummy treat. Well, my yummy idea turned out very melt in your mouth tasty but at the cost of a few pumpkins. They made way more of a mess just in those few minutes it took me to whip those muffins up. Chrish ended up cutting a way too big of hole at the top where the lid is supposed to go. We ended up turning his pumpkin into a 'mummy' pumpkin which he was pretty thrilled about.(and don't worry we most definitely did not light it) Something a little different this year. Emma insisted after I already cut the mouth that her pumpkin have red lips. Larry and I enjoyed carving a pumpkin together this year too. We went for a 'spongebob' look and I think we pulled it off quite well.

Hannah and Christian got really festive and decorated the entire front yard with webs all over and they made a giant spider out of newspaper. They decorated the mailbox and made the front yard very cute. I'm shocked how fast that came and went but we sure did enjoy it and they are already deciding on what they will be next year.


Myke said...

The kids look great! One thing they probably didn't get in their candy bags, though: Crunchie Bars!

LTA said...

...or Bowie knives.

Dayray said...

Oh how I miss trick or treatin'!! Your kids looked like they had lots of fun dressing up! I hope Halloween was great this year!