Saturday, November 10, 2007

101 Things To Do In 1001 Days

I was reading a blog called Simple Life At Home and it had an interesting idea of making a 'to do list' of 101 things but they should be done in 1001 days. First of all I don't even know if I have 101 things to do. Take that back.....I'm not sure how interesting my list will really be, but hey being more productive is a great thing and I am a person who enjoys lists and my favourite.....crossing things off my list. So here it goes,

#1 (by the way in NO particular order, drum-roll please..........)
*1.making my 101 list. (Did 11-10-07)
2.going to the beach for a run :D (excited about this one)
3.going to the beach by myself to read.
4.Read 'To Kill A Mockingbird' like I was supposed to in highschool.
5.Read the whole bible.
6.running a marathon
7.going away with hubby for a weekend.(did Jan5th 2008) going on a cruise.
9.get extended families personal contact info updated.(all but two)
10.write a christmas letter and actually send it.(ok, have to wait til Christmas)
11.send card to Gramma once a month.
12.write about my life.
13.get picture of biological father/health history if possible.
14.go to the spa.(did but would love to do again :D )
15.learn to crochet and prove first grade 'meanyhead teacher Mrs. Johnson' wrong!
16.take a dance class of some sort.
17.learn to play guitar. with my husband.
19.go bike riding.
20.go hiking.
21.get livingroom painted
22.decorate and furnish livingroom.
23.paint bedroom
24.paint gameroom
25.finish painting girls room
26. re-arrange Emma's room(did)
27.get yard landscaped front/back
28.look more into cosmotology schools(working on it)
29.walk 30 min. a day for a month something nice for someone once a week
31.go through my closet/dresser....LET IT GO ALREADY!(did) a girls only trip with my mom and sister
33.go to New York
34.guess i should add....get passports! yoga regularly for a month
36.paint a picture that's hangable
37.make ceramics with Hannah
38.get photos organized
39.make album for each kid
40.go to Santa Barbara already!
41.take a photography class
42.find a good obgyn(found one)
43.get gameroom closet organized
44.get camcorder tapes on dvd
45.get wedding rings re-sized and dipped
46.go skiing
47.sponsor a child in a 3rd world country Anne of Green Gables straight through Pride and Prejudice straight through
50.go kayaking
51.go see Wicked (did/loved it!)
52.wash all my windows (house)
53.try a new recipe once a month(did)
54.have the girls cook once a week healthier(am doing pretty good at this)
56.find Dr. I like
57.organize paperwork
58.organize hall closets
59.go through jewelry/organize
60.learn to french braid
61.start/go to a bible study(did) a party for adults
63.find a good red lipstick a mother/daughter study with girls with Christian on his reading(in progress)
66.take Christian on a date(did and have to do again)
67.get ceramic Christmas tree like Gramma used to make(did thanx to Donna)
68.learn to speak french again
69.find a really great pair of jeans
70.get a livingwill (I KNOW this should be #1)
71.go to British Columbia
72.take kids to the snow(
73.go to the mountains, desert and beach in the same day. (just cause I can)
74.organize my address book (LONG overdue)
75.keep car cleaned for a straight month(did)
76.drink lots of water for a week(am doing)
77.use the china more often (life's too short...why not?)
78.go ice skating with whole family (c'mon Lar)
79.get new bedspread(did thanx Donna) all my photos onto disc
81.update my ipod(did)
82.get new family photo
83.get a facial(did)
84.candlelight bath baby!(did) something new from Victorias Secret
86.go to Boomers with Lar
87.join some sort of sport team
88.go to Mexico for citizenship test
90.take a couples cooking class
91.keep up my grattitude journal more regularly out my garage/organizing it and keeping it clean for more than 2 weeks.(kinda)
93.update kids 'keepsake' boxes
94.finish my 'what I love' list(did)
95.keep my room clean for a week straight(did)
96.learn to make a really good steak
97.go to dentist :( a week fast of sugar
99.go to gym atleast 3x/week for a month to the beach from home make a new 101 list after this one is completed.

I tried posting a countdown clock but couldn't get it to work but apparently I have until August 8th of 2010 to finish this list. We'll see how it goes eh! Happy checking.


Dayray said...

Item #102: Call Myke and Dara ;)

Lauren said...

I am Dara's friend. She can assure you I'm not a creeper. I leave comments on her blog. And sometimes I read your blog and Myke's. I think this is A GREAT idea. I think I'm going to do this. I LOVE LISTS too!!!

Cherbear said...

I hope you enjoy making the list as much as I did. It's kind of exciting. I'm thinking of making a more long -term list "before I get too old I want to...." This is definately a good start though.