Saturday, November 17, 2007

Loads and Loads Part II

So again while folding loads of laundry today I was watching Oprah again and saw the second part of the "hording" episode. I thought I was blown away (read grossed out, shocked, amazed) the first time. Aha, but this time I was even more blown away but happy to see just what this couple/family was getting free from.

I thought that those huge 5 ton dumpsters were of all their stuff they had in the house. WRONG! It WAS of all the garbage they had in the house. 75 TONS of garbage! OMG!!! Okay so moving on...the professional organizer had all of the 'to sell' things in a warehouse so the family could see just how much stuff had consumed their lives. It was a 10,000sq foot warehouse FILLED with endless rectangular tables piled with stuff galore. Even underneath the heaped on tables were 1800 storage bins of, you guessed it, more stuff. They had the family come and see the warehouse filled with all this (I'll try not to say 'stuff' again) and to say they were blown away would be an understatement. The mom was almost physically sick but then became relieved once she realized she was free from all of this chaos. When told she had 5 minutes to take anything of importance to her she surprisingly declined. (now that's a step in the right direction, she wants a new start) Turned out there were over 3000 pairs of shoes, and when they had a rummage sale to get rid of it all they made $13,000. Can you believe it? Something good came from it.

Not only did they make money, but some major stores donated a new makeover to their house. This was a house they lived in for over 32 years and the last 12 were definately not lived with quality. When they got to go see the house 'clutter/pile-free' they were brought to tears of joy. The damage done from that disastrous hording problem caused mold all over the carpet, drywall, furniture etc. They had to have professionals come and sterilize what was salvagable and dump and replace the rest. Luckily there were very generous companies willing to help this family have a fresh and very stylish I might add new start. The floors were done in a beautiful hardwood, walls replaced and freshly painted. Brand new kitchen cupboards, appliances. Basically the whole inside of the house was re-done and it was absolutely beautiful. A place they can now be proud to call home, a place to be enjoyed and share with family and friends. I really am SO happy for this couple it brought me to happy tears.

Although I had a rather rough start and end to my day (for reasons unmentioned.....2 of the 4 kids) seeing this episode REALLY motivated my very tired body to do what I set out to do which was clean up and organize. I feel like God really helped me out and I got so much done (always more to do though) that it would've normally taken me a week to do. Part of that is because I was angry, and I always clean faster, maybe even better when I'm angry. Anyways it's such a wonderful feeling getting things done that you've 'been meaning to get to' for a while. Just think, when the kids are back in school on Monday.....I'll have WAY less interruptions and get even more done maybe. Hope your day is an enjoyable, productive one!

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