Saturday, November 10, 2007


It's just one of 'those' days. Everytime I get near being comfortable and relaxed I hear "MOM! ....." or the kids are fighting over something absolutely ridiculous and will NOT stop! Now this is reminding me of having a newborn who must have a sense of humour because everytime I would rock him/her to sleep and was just about to ever so carefully sit down for a moments rest...."WHAAAAAA!!!!" Almost comically. Today has been like that. Just this afternoon but in any case it's quite ridiculous. The most recent call for mom was "MOM, there's a big bug in my room!" ...oh great what am I going to find? To my relief it was prayingmantis on the screen outside the window. Phhhheeewwww! Just after I took a photo of it and sat down getting all comfy again, Emma shouts out "MOM, I think it has a headache" I ask why she would think that. She responds " because it's rubbing his hands on his forehead!" "I bet you're right Emma". Too sweet I tell ya.

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