Saturday, October 20, 2007

Full of Possibilities!

Today is full of possibilities! It's already 845am and I've got the dishes done, counters wiped down, breakfast made, kids ready and out the door, bathroom cleaned up, and I'm dressed and ready to go. Thought I'd sit here and check my email while my food digests but other than that I'm ready for all the possibilities for today! On the agenda for today are the must do's which include attending Chrish's soccer game which I'm looking forward to seeing my boy play his big heart out. Then later this afternoon is babysitting for my sister n' law so she can go to a wedding. That's from 345pm til' late tonight and will be fun and tiring I'm sure :D
Now on to......the possibilities! Maybe I could go running with the wind blowing against my face, my heart beating to a favourite song I like, being in the sunshine surrounded by the birds and such fascinating, detailed creation like the trees, plants and flowers. Besides great exersice I think it's also incredibly healthy for the mind and spirit too.
What else? Let me see, there's the unlikely possibility of reading a few chapters of a good book. I'm trying to dig into the one called "Eat, Pray, Love". I've heard good things about it but seem to get laughably interrupted every time I begin to crack open the book. Hhmm? Maybe the timing is just not right. Or, maybe that's just life. In any case I'm determined to get started on that book.
There's amazing possibilities with food everyday. I told you I enjoy food! There's the tasty veggies with some garlic and a dallop of butter which I always enjoy. Some flavourful chicken or a nice juicy steak.....oh, wait I actually prefer mine dry. I didn't say I was a great cook. Just that I really enjoy food. Some yummy hazelnut coffee with a bit of carmel creamer which is highly likely especially around 6pm tonight after chasing my two neices around a bit. Oh, I also think I'll make some scones. I've had this new recipe I've been wanting to try for the last few days and why not today. Though I'm full my tongue can almost taste the jasmine green tea accompanying a tasty fluffy scone. Okay enough of the food my mouth is craving a few too many things.
Well, we'll see what actually happens today. Possibilities are really quite endless most everyday and hopefully today will be a productive, yet relaxing (atleast for a little bit) fun enjoyable day! I hope yours is all you want it to be today too!

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Myke said...

I hope all the possibilities turn out great for you!