Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Here We Come.....

This morning Caley and I went to the Jr. High to get her all registered for school. After an hour and a half at this station and that station, getting her photo taken and picking up all her workbooks and her schedule she is officially registered. Pretty pumped too I might add. She's all set except for some supplies we need to get and some runners for P.E which she'll have everyday. She's got her backpack which she has already stuffed with her clothes for our vacation.....only 5 days early. Nothing wrong with being prepared!
When we got home we looked on the schools website and figured out her walking route from class to class. Nothing too crazy! Her classes are actually quite close together. I also figured out my "Mama's chauffer schedule" I'm calling it. Pretty much that's what it will be like. I'll just get some good books, a few magazines, some lined paper for my 'lists', some snacks, and a drink. Typical chauffeur activities right?! Luckily the kids schools are super close. As much as we've been enjoying the summer even the kids are getting pretty excited about starting school. Maybe not Hannah, but everyone else.
We're planning on having our 'last' beach day on Thursday and then have all of next week to swim in a pool and have fun together too! This week the reality of a new season is sinking in. New school supplies, new schedules, .........homework hour (not looking forward to that) but I'll end on a good note.......how blessed am I to be able to hang out with my 4 wonderful kids, watching them grow (way too fast I must say) while ending one jam packed fun season with a new slate, a different kind of busy of brand new opportunities and memories. Here we come Fall' 2007!

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