Friday, December 21, 2007

Tis' The Season.....

As I write, the hubby is watching a basketball game, the two little ones are roller blading in the house (it gets dark pretty early these days) and I'd prefer that to the alternative which would probably be diving onto the bed from the dresser, or doing summersaults down the mattress or using it as a slide. It's all been done before. Yep, rollerblading......I'm okay with that. I'll mop the floors tomorrow. Besides, I adore the contagious giggling they can't seem to control. They're laughing so hard that they're falling over.

The older girls are watching their favourite (don't understand why!) Friday night show......Friday night Smackdown WWF or whatever it's called. Atleast they're not fighting or watching "Zoey 101" which while I'm not against the show - seems pretty harmless- but now the main actress that the show revolves around in real life is 16, pregnant and Brittany Spears little sister. I don't like someone in the spotlight that my kids keep track of setting a bad example for my kids.
Well the last few weeks have consisted of shopping, wrapping, more shopping, making angel wings, addressing and mailing Christmas cards, attending Christmas progams, getting the car fixed, YaYa breakfast party, helping with classroom parties all while trying to maintain some level of picked-upness in our house and not being totally burried by the mounding up piles of laundry. It's not that bad really. I've been trying really hard to NOT stress about the holidays. It's totally understandable in my opinion though not worth it in the long run and definately not fair to the kids. Along the lines of "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit!" I've adapted it to "you do what you can do and you don't have a panic attack!" It's actually been helping me.

This weekend Christian has three, count em' THREE soccer games this weekend for all stars (the best of the best) and though I can't believe that people have the nerve to schedule any soccer games the weekend before Christmas I'll put a smile on and enjoy watching my boy play. Boy can HE play! We're also going to have our annual "Happy Birthday Jesus" party. I like to do my best to remind the kids of WHY we really celebrate Christmas. We usually bake a cake or muffins, make a craft (this year I'll let them decorate gingerbread men), we'll read the story of the birth of Jesus, and the kids usually make a card or picture to put in our stocking for Jesus. This year they did it the day I hung up the stockings.

I'm savouring as much as I can and trying to teach the kids to too, because before we know it 2008 will be here and before you know it my kids won't be kids and won't be here to watch Frosty or Rudolph with. On that note I'm going to go so Hannah and I can cuddle.

Hope this holiday season is your best one yet, that you feel the love, peace and joy that is sent from heaven above. May God bless you beyond all measure. Happy holidays!

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Myke said...

So it sounds like you've been pretty bored over the last little while. Not much to do, huh? Well, Happy Holidays! We'll see you tomorrow! Merry Christmas Eve!