Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Hampton Style

It was a wonderful Christmas here at the Hampton household. We celebrated with hubby's side of the family on Christmas Eve with last minute location change to HERE! Worked out great though and we didn't want to chance picking up the flu from a cousin who was sick the day before. The kids and I were already planning on cleaning up for Christmas anyways and everyone seemed to work together really well. I just wrote a list of what needed to be done and we went from there.
Everyone came around three. We ate an incredible amount of delicious food with leftovers to spare, had good laughs and fun, and enjoyed listening to squeals of delight and excitement. My very thoughtful sister in law who had already surprised me a month early with a very sentimental ceramic Christmas tree also surprised me with a set of glass mugs with flowers etched on them just like mom used to have. I couldn't even tell you why they mean so much to me, they just do! (maybe I'll try though) They bring back warm feelings of anticiaption, fond memories, fun times. I used to watch my mom drink from those glass mugs and couldn't wait til' I was the grown-up drinking from them too! I suppose I even just assumed that we'd both be drinking out of them while playing 'boggle' or a card game like mom and aunt Theresa used to do most every weekend. My mom and us kids would drive back to our home town and get together seemed like every weekend (staying over at Grams if we didnt already live there) During those times, the adults talked and played games and the kids had fun playing in the fields make believing, or playing video games, or building forts..... times I'll cherish always. I also could'nt wait to have my very own ceramic tree like Gram used to make proudly displayed in my house. Even though mine is not 'Gram-made' it still symbolizes those same fond memories and good times. After everyone left the kids were eager to go to bed so Christmas would come sooner. Then hubby and I did our usual Christams Eve tradition which is to watch 'It's a Wonderful Life' while bringing out all the presents.
Christmas day the kids got us up at 619am and all ready to go. Of coarse they had to wait in their room until Lar and I got the camcord all ready but they did good. We then opened up our gifts and I have to tell you I was pleasantly surprised at just how excited the kids were to hand out their presents. We then had our traditional cinnamon rolls and started the clean-up process while trying to NOT throw away things accidentally as has happened in the past. In the afternoon my brother Myke and his wife Dara came over which was fun. We caught up a bit, relaxed (with Christians electric guitar playing in the background) ate more food and Myke spoiled us by making and sharing his delicious buttertarts. Myke just 'had' to try Hannah's Guitar Hero which he liked. He also decided to pump some weights with the gift he wanted but gave to Chrish (magnetix) Dara was sweet to help Chrish build his birdhouse he got. They did a good job! I think everyone was a bit stuffed and sleepy so we just layed low but had a good time. The rest of the day was spent playing games, watching movies and cuddling. I think I nodded off before the kids. I just couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. Well, here's wishing you happy holidays and a happy new year.
BTW, I've been trying to post some photos with this blog but for some reason it's not working......I'll try tomorrow.

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LTA said...

That was a GREAT Christmas, Cherie. Thanks for all your hard work. You made it sooooo nice.

One thought: maybe we could figure out the "red-eye reduction" feature on your iPhoto program next time.