Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Blast on A Dime

After much planning and re-arranging my girlfriends and I went on an overnight together. There are 6 of us and we were all cutting way back on the finances but still wanted to do something together. How often can you get 6 moms with 26 kids between us to coordinate our calendars and spend a weekend together.

It was going to be either camping on the beach in a trailer which would have been fine except the temps here lately have been on the chilly side. Our friend offered us her moms house in the desert which is what we ended up doing. Since her mom was going to be babysitting for her anyways the place was already going to be vacant and you can't beat the price of 'free'.

After dropping the kids off to school Friday morning we all met up, stopped off at Starbucks and were on our way to the desert. Once we got settled at the house we loaded in the car and headed up to the mountains for the afternoon. Once there we found a great spot to eat called 'The Red Kettle'. We walked around the little shops and found ourselves a quaint little candy shop. Of coarse we had to treat ourselves and then headed back down the mountain. One of the girls is pregnant and wanted to share the experience of a 4D ultra sound with us, so our tech savvy friend found the where and when and we all got to watch on a huge screen our dear friends precious baby boy.

The rest of the weekend consisted of delicious food, talking, watching a movie, more talking and definitely laughing...... a truly great time. Some of the girls had to take off so the rest of us headed back towards home unsure of our plans. We ended up going to one of our friends homes where we ate more yummy food, drank some wine and relaxed in the jacuzzi. It was a great way to end our weekend.

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