Monday, May 7, 2007

Before the rush of energy and appetite come barging in, I thought I'd take a few moments to reflect on this pretty busy, tiring, yet very fun weekend. It was filled with various different things that had us in a few different directions as well as gathered together with our friends and family. Let's start with.......drum roll pllleeeaaassssse!!!! "the spy's" Yes, special agents Emma and Christian thought it would be fun to put on one of dad's jackets, a tuke and spy on certain, hum-hum (family) subjects. All the while giggling making it hard not to giggle yourself. After the spying, they decided that they wanted to turn lil' man's full size mattress into a slide/trampoline while both wearing boardshorts (Emma makes a cute 'tomboy').
Saturday I took Emma to a birthday party, where she had a blast with all her pre-school friends there. Meanwhile Larry took the 3 older ones to the park where he worked 'snackshack' for 3 hours and the kids played at the park while he did that. Later that day we came home, I had a friend who was going to a party and needed her done in an updo. She graciously asked me to do it for her. She looked pretty and said she liked it. It was fun and scary at the same time. I want to go buy some big doll heads with hair now so I can practice more. Then my sister n' law Donna took me to get a much needed pedicure which was amazingly sweet of her. Pretty toes now, YAY!
Sunday, our baby girl's 5th birthday. Lar took the 3 youngest to church while Caley, Donna and I kicked butt and set up the cutest little five year old party ever! My sis n' law has great ideas which made it cute with extra touches. It was decided by the birthday girl that it would be a "Barbie Princess Party" She insisted she wanted a bounchouse, and we surprised her with a real 'live' princess coming to her party for an hour to do face painting and balloon animals which all the kids even the older ones seemed to love. There were about 17 kids that came (yes including my bunch) it was rather hot, in the high 80's if not low 90's. She was beaming all day long and kept telling us what a special party it was and how thankful she was. She also, got a special phone call from Oma which put a huge smile on her face! She couldn'g wait to get home from school today (normally she wants to go 'do' something) just to play with all her special new toys. Oh, forgot to tell you this cute thing....As I was carrying her home from the party (which was at Aunties) I was kissing on her and telling her what a special girls she was, and as I opened the door she says " there's no more 4 year olds in here!" So cute she is! So those were some of the highlights of our weekend. Take care : )

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Dayray said...

Thanks for inviting us to Emma's bday. We had fun. The princess was a bit, well, interesting, but good times were had by all. Maybe I'll have a princess themed bday? :)