Saturday, May 5, 2007

Last Day To Be Four

Today was the lil' ones very last day forevermore of being four! Quite a special day! Of course she's extremely excited about tomorrow being her 5th birthday. She's been planning it for quite some time now, like atleast a few months. Actually I think when we were talking about the oldest one's birthday back in January, the lil' one made a guest list and told me where she wanted to have her party. For this year and the next few to come. Being that it was her last day to enjoy being four.....we gave her sets of four hugs, kisses, and of course tickles too. We kissed our four year old girl goodnight and look forward to kissing and awakening our big five year old girl tomorrow : ) Sweet dreams sweet four year old, sweet dreams!

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Sandra said...

I love this blog!!!!!!!!! I want to hug my Emma too!!!!!!! Happy Happy Happy Birthday Emma 5 year old! You are the sweetest and cutest 5 year old in the whole world!
Love oma