Monday, April 30, 2007

How sweet

Emma's birthday is coming up on Chrish decided he wanted to give his sister his old pair of heely's. In case you don't know, heely's are shoes that have small wheels in the bottom of them. He got the relialbe can of lysol wipies and gave the rather worn shoes a good ol' wipe down. Then he carefully and colourfully wrapped them in a box. He did a great job too! The next day he could hardly wait to give them to her. I had suggested he wait a week for her actual birthday but he just could not contain himself. You would've thought HE was getting the gift. It was a very sweet moment! She tried them on, and though they are a bit big for her and she'll have to learn to get used to them she appreciated the thoughtfulness. He's such a sweet boy with a huge, generous heart. I love my little boy so much!!!

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