Monday, April 16, 2007

The Luckiest Girl....

These are my parents!
I am the the luckiest girl there is! My mom and I go way back, 32 years that is.(I guess you could add 9months to that, I just don't quite remember that part) My mom is a hero of mine. I've seen her go through all sorts of things and no matter what, she never gave up! I am incredibly proud of her and grateful to her. She has been such a huge source of encouragement, unconditional love and support to me always. She's one of my best friends really.
My dad......well I remember being about 14 and helping out at church. I couldn't help but stare at this man holding this precious, angelic little girl. She was just glowing with the look of "I'm in my Daddy's arms!" and he was beaming with a very proud "look at MY beautiful girl!" I remember thinking "one day I wish I could have a daddy just like him!" I think that it was shortly after that when it really hit me that I didn't have one. Though it was a rather hard season, God used it to show me that He wanted to fill that void in me and wanted to be my Father. Which He really did show me! It was one of the most precious seasons in my life that I will always cherish, one that also ended up leading me to meet my husband on my 17th birthday but that's for a different time.....back to Dad. Ok so I'm not great at math, but about 10 years later my mom ends up marrying a man. He seems to make her really happy, which is extremely important to me! My next visit back to Canada....I meet mom's new husband, he's very quiet, but smart, an intellectual computer-whiz. It hits me! HE"S the one! The very same dad I had wished for ten years earlier. I've been spending the last 11 years getting to know him and right from the beginning he's had his arms wide open to me. In a lot of ways, you would think he was my biological father. The curly hair (well his does when he sweats. His brown hair and hazel eyes. Like our brilliant sense of "humour" the way we enjoy photography - he's really great at it! I was a little reserved and guarded of my heart when I first met him. Now I must admit, it didn't take long for him to win my heart. Though I was in my mid-twenties when he came into our family(an adult thinking, "I don't need a daddy now!"), he was worth the wait and I finally have an earthly father I am proud to call Dad, and love very much!
So, you see.....I am the luckiest girl! I know God really loves me......he put them in my life!

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evert heskes said...

I was really blessed by what you said about me. Though my little girl is no longer with us, God has abundantly blessed me also with Sandra, you, your family, Mike, his family, Cat, Ashley and Scott. Each whom I love and cherish.

Love Dad