Monday, April 16, 2007

All better now.......

Well, we just got the plumbing fixed....YAY! We have a really nice guy who came and thankfully fixed our plumbing problems. (We actually had a few issues) You know, I just wait til' there's more than one reason for him to come to get my money's worth. What can I say? After a week of a plugged toilet let me just say it wasn't a happy time cleaning the front bathroom. I went in all suited up. Brought the bleach, lit some candles. The candlelight really makes me look pretty and puts me in a better mood. (JK) All better now though : )
This weekend was a rather low-key one. Saturday was a stay in your pj's, veg and watch t.v. and play on the computer kind of day. It was really nice! Sunday Larry lead worship at church, and the girls and I taught in Emma's Sunday school class. After church we usually go out to lunch, but this week we decided to just bring some lunch home. Yummy lunch, had a nap (I usually can't nap even if I try) Unfortunately after the nice nap I woke up feeling sick to my stomach (no I'm not pregnant) and the huge kink in my neck turned into a kink/migraine. I had to cancel jacuzzi night with my girlfriends : ( My oldest daughter was really incredible though and did a ton of laundry and was taking care of everybody. She's really incredible!
Luckily today I woke up feeling all better! I really needed to wake up that way to play "catch up" from the weekend and catch up I did. I'm of coarse not all caught up - I don't think I ever will FULLY catch up but atleast I'm not burried in laundry anymore.
Laundry, dishes, dropping kids off, picking kids up, having the plumber come, taking Chrish to baseball practice, grocery store, pharmacy, a couple of time-outs, a bit of refereeing......that's my day. Mix in a few hugs and kisses, smiles and tickles, and you have a pretty usual day for Cherie : )

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Dayray said...

Hugs, Kisses, and Tickles...Oh my!
Got to love the tickles!
How about a date night next weekend? Want to go see Blades of Glory?