Monday, February 25, 2008

All Mixed Up and Very Raw

Well, it's hard to know quite where to start but after being gone this weekend from home and the kids I really thought today was about jumping back into our normal routine. It sure didn't happen that way. It started out just like any other day really.
Alarm went off at 630am, got the kids up, lunches made, got ready for the day. I took the first batch of kids to school and was wondering what I was forgetting and why all those people were standing lined up all along the front of the school. Not thinking too much of it at the time, I went back home continued with this and that. The phone rang, and it was my close friend telling me that something horrible had happened and involved some kids that go to my kids school.
She proceeded to tell me that the dad had killed the wife and three of the kids and also himself. The 14 year old who goes to my daughters school survived. I also came to find out that the youngest of the kids was a kindergardener and the two little girls were ages 8 and 9. My kids didn't know them very well but did know who they were.
I've been through a whole slew of emotions today. I've been all mixed up with pure shock, heartache, believe it or not thankfulness that the guy didn't put my kids at risk, gratefulness that though there's a very tough road ahead, that 14 year old boy survived!!! I've been really surprised at just how much I've been affected by this. The kids all handled it differently and as I expected the little one was acting up quite a bit this week which isn't like her. She may act up here and there but not for a whole week. I'm just trying to have some extra grace for the kiddos this week. Well, how do you end something like this. I guess just that I pray that God blesses that 14 year old boy beyond belief, and also to remember to be thankful for the here and now you just never know how God numbered our days. Enjoy today the best you can!

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