Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Goodbye Summer Hello School.....

Well, it's quite surreal that summer is coming to an end already! It has been fun though much slower paced than normal which I'm sure is a good thing. Especially considering our schedule coming up. We started the summer out going to Catalina for a week which we're already looking forward to doing again next summer. Then July it was camping (not something we're planning on next summer) although we did have some fun moments. Then there's now.... I'm sitting in a beautiful 4800 sq ft house in La Quinta and have been lounging by the pool, playing with kids and having some quality family time (when the kids aren't fighting and frustrating me). It has been a great way to end the summer and is our 2nd year doing this. I'm thinking it could be our new tradition. I LOVE traditions!

As of yet we have no plans for this coming 'Labour Day' weekend. Maybe a family BBQ will be in order. Then it's back to school on Tuesday for the kids. New schedule, new teachers, back to making lunches and homework and ........ boy here we go. We've already dived into soccer so we've pretty much got into the rhythm of it already. Eight practices a week M-Thurs and 4 games each Saturday..... yep I'm ready for it!

Although I'm surprised at how quickly summer has gone by, I'm looking forward to a more structured schedule. It seems to do me and the kids a LOT of good. I'm also really looking forward to my summers resolution which so DIDN't happen. Thinking I would have a slower paced schedule I was planning on hitting the gym religiously. Nope, didn't happen. Now though I feel very motivated and excited to start going back to the gym regularly. It will be my first year of having all four kiddos in school ALL day!!! I'm really hoping to be able to get more things done and time to take better care of myself. Both at the gym and also having a more consistent daily time with God.

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