Sunday, August 31, 2008

Too Cute

The kids have been collecting lizards (pretty small ones) out in our back yard. Just this afternoon they caught four of them. The kids walk back through the house to go find some more and Emma says, "Christian, they're NOT all boys" while he interrupts her saying "yes they are!" and Emma continues, " I named one a girl!" Another Emmism today was pretty cute too. She was throwing a fit while she was in a time out in her room. She yells out "Fine, I'm calling 911 if you don't let me out of here!" A few minutes go by and she then says "The police are coming in 1 hour!"

I just love the innocence and the confidence to boot. So precious and sweet. Another innocent moment today was while Emma, Hannah and I were setting up to play cards. I was saying "we have to shuffle the cards really good" and Emma says "I can fushle the cards" I tried to correct her a few times and each time she again, confidently like I KNOW MOM, said "I AM fushelling the cards!" Had me in tears. SO dang cute!

Over the years we've had several of those kinds of sayings. From calling things like "cajuzzi (jacuzzi), panpakes (pancakes), tomatoes (potatoes) ....... the list goes on. I do have the really funny ones written down in a book I've kept (not very well I'm afraid) of cute things the kids said or did. At the time you think you'll remember that precious moment forever but unfortunately that's not always the case.

My oldest used to watch Barney (who really was a lifesaver) so much so that Larry and I would get some of the songs stuck in our heads. Great that she was learning important things but Geesh those songs were very catchy and annoying. She used to call him Bonny. Another things when she was little was that she was very impatient. I'd have her in her highchair and sometimes make her waffles. No not the homemade batter kind. The kind you put in the toaster. Well the moment she saw me take them out of the freezer she'd want them. So I'd put them in the toaster and crouch down and try to explain we had to wait for them to pop up. So I'd crouch down and jump up in the air shouting "POP!" which would make her giggle so hard. She also came up with "all D" (meaning all done) which carried onto our other three kids.

I'll have to find the 'safe place' I put that book and add on to this later but for now that's all I've got. I'm looking forward to more of those innocent moments though.

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