Monday, September 29, 2008

One Way Or Another

I was just reading a blog and this person articulated very well what I've been kind of figuring out on my own lately. She was saying that instead of becoming distracted ' if one shifted their focus on the outcome of their goals maybe one would be more productive.' To some people this may be a 'no brainer' but for people like me it's just not that easy.

We all have our 'to do lists' some are scribbled down on paper, some typed out, some people keep track on their phones, or in their head. Well although having lists has personally helped me be more organized it has also been somewhat overwhelming. I tend to make not just one list but several and put way too much on them. I have the classic 'Today ' to do list 'This week list, the 'fix it' list for things around the home which is a constant. Just when you think you finally finished that list there are four more things to add to it (actually I guess they're all that way). Then there's the grocery list, shopping list, school list. I think I sound way more organized than I really am. This is my attempt at becoming organized and now I'm learning to scale it back and do fewer lists with far less on them. More of just the essentials. Back to simplicity.

I've had some projects that I've been wanting to get done for a LONG time and instead of just taking it one thing at a time like I should I get overwhelmed and don't even know where to start....... so I don't do any of them. I'm going to pick one project for the month of October and get something big off my to do list. I'm thinking I'll start with painting the bathroom or organize my photos. Then I'll go down the list from there.

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