Monday, December 22, 2008

The Countdown

I have to say I'm pretty excited. Only a few more days until Christmas. I'm so looking forward to the kids waking up all excited, opening their gifts and just enjoying more time together. This year Emma is definitely excited, probably the most I've seen her yet. She has been singing non-stop (mostly 'Deck The Halls') since mid- November. It seems the kids and I just put up our advent calendar and now we're almost finished with it.

I enjoy our usual traditions that we have such as decorating Thanksgiving weekend, looking at Christmas lights, decorating gingerbread houses, having a Happy Birthday Jesus party and the ol' pickle ornament (whoever finds the pickle ornament gets to open the family gift). It's interesting to me though how those traditions are changing or shifting I guess you'd say a bit. For instance, I have kids who are very excited about wrapping which is something I take great joy in but now need to share which is fine. This is the second year that I've let the kids help decorate the big tree. They still decorated the 4 ft one too though. They were quite thoughtful in their ornament placement which was sweet.

A friend of mine had a good idea that I decided to incorporate which is having the kids draw names. They were very excited to do it and very precious in picking out their gifts for each other. Emma insisted on buying her Dad a 'handsome' gift. She just couldn't believe how handsome her item was and insisted we get him one. Besides the gifts I so love how the kids enjoy giving. Whether it's making special pictures and/or cards for each other, sharing their Christmas treats they got from school/ friends it's quite sweet. The last few days the kids have been pairing up and taking turns making funny faces on iphoto which you just can't help but cry you end up laughing so hard.

Anyways, if this is scattered I'm sorry I need to get back to more wrapping in my rather chilly garage. But how I do love listening to the rains pitter pattering on the roof. I'll post back soon with some photos of the holidays. Hope your holidays are merry and bright with warm memories and loved ones close by.

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