Sunday, December 28, 2008

Finishing Out '08 Strong!

As I write, we are in La Quinta enjoying a nice family getaway for a few days with extended family. I'll back up though and tell you about our Christmas first. It was another very fun-filled Christmas. The kids woke me up with their giggling (my favourite way to be woke up) at 5am. Since I didn't get to bed until 2ish I made them go back to bed for a while. They ended up falling back asleep and then came tiptoeing in to get me at about 715am.

We opened our gifts. Everyone was excited about what they got and very thankful. I even got knocked down with grattitude a few times. The big family gift came last which was the 'wii'. The kids were ecstatic about it to say the least. A special gift the kids made for Larry and I was a dvd. It had photos playing to music and was very sweet and thoughtful. I've been enjoying my Christmas gift for the last month which is my new camera. I just wanted to give myself time to get used to it before the holidays.

After opening our gifts, a little clean up and our traditional 'cinnabon cinnamon rolls' we had Myke and Dara over. We exchanged gifts, ate food (almost McD's which wasn't open... don't ask) and really enjoyed their company. They spoiled the kids with 'Rock Band' for the Wii which the kids LOVED!!!! They left and then we had Donna, Ed and the girls over for some more fun. More presents, more food, a very LOUD Lakers game and some good times.

Having family around is a precious blessing I do not take lightly. If you know me you know that my family is in Canada with the exception of my brother Myke and his wife Dara. It has been such an incredible blessing to have them out here the past 2.5 years or so. They just told us about a week ago that they are moving back to Toronto, Canada. Very sad news for us, but exciting for them! It's definitely hard at times having my family so far away and seeing them few and far between but I know that I am especially blessed to have married into such a great family. I have my older (doesn't look it though) sister I always wanted, great brother in law, awesome nieced that I adore. I also didn't expect to come to love Lar's Gram as much as I do. I love her as much as if she were my very own. The whole rest of Lar's family is a huge blessing to that I could go on and on about. Besides actual family I have been hugely blessed with a group of dear friends that are like family to me too! I know they would do anything for me and be here whenever I need them. How blessed am I! Richly for sure!

Okay enough sappiness. We enjoyed a quiet restful boxing day which I love! Lar had to work a bit and so I ended up taking the kiddos to see Marley & Me. The lines were long and tickets went fast so we hung out at the plaza for a bit. Grabbed dinner, enjoyed some yummy warm Starbucks and waited in line all huttled together. Saw the movie which I thought was cute. Had to have the two little ones cover their eyes a couple of times. Thankfully those moments were few and short.

The next day, Saturday I think? Yes Saturday we left for the desert to hang out with the Saltis for a few days. The cousins are playing and colouring and having a blast. We're eating delicious food and just relaxing as much as possible with 7 kids under 12. We're planning on spending our New Years Eve here. Ending the year together and starting a new year together. The way it should be. Right now they're yodeling and I can't quite concentrate anymore..... Happy New years to you, may it be a blessed year for you and your loved ones!

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Happy New Year! We'll see you on Saturday!