Sunday, January 18, 2009

Knock, knock... Lemonade?

I got home from running yesterday and pulled up to a sign Christian had made for a lemonade stand. They've done this many times before. They have even gone around to neighbours gathering lemons and have tried to make 'fresh' squeezed lemonade. Running in the house all excited to show us their profit and begging me to buy a cup from them. As I hesitatingly sipped and even more hesitatingly swallowed down the most sour water I've ever had..... I insisted they NOT sell fresh squeezed lemonade again.

So as soon as I realized what they were up to, I insisted on going to the store to get some descent lemonade. By the time I got back they were all set up. They had chairs, a table, the pitcher and cups all ready. Even their container to collect the money in. At first Christian was thinking of selling at $2 a cup (if any kid could he could) but being as it's hard times for everyone right now he thought maybe $1.

The kids weren't outside more than 15 maybe 20 minutes and ran inside showing the $9 they had made. After that I didn't see them for a bit. I figured that they got bored or were satisfied and over it already. The kids ran in asking for more lemonade. When I asked who for they said they were going around the neighbourhood selling lemonade door to door. By the time they were done they collected $20. I was quite shocked but that only lasted a moment til' I realized 'this is Christian we're talking about'. That kid can sell anything to anyone and make money.


Evert & Sandra Heskes said...

Sounds like you have a budding entrepreneur on your hands (grats). Tell Christian and the rest of the gang to keep up the good work! Also give my love.

Love You,

Myke said...

That's cute. If they heat the lemon up (a la Neo Citron), I'll buy some!