Saturday, June 2, 2007


Our good friends the Rethmeiers took us to a wine tasting party at the House of Blues in LA on Wednesday night. We were also joined with two of our other great friends Bobby and Jen. We drove down early and went to one of Lar's favourite guitar shops by the Santa Monica Pier. I've heard lots about it and finally got to see for myself what this place was like. It was smaller than I thought but crammed with quite a wide variety of guitars, amps, etc. Some were really cool looking and Larry and Bobby tried some out and cranked up the volume!
We then went to the House of Blues for dinner. We had some delicious hors deurves and started in on the wine tasting. There were two wine makers who paired a glass of wine for each course making a total of twelve different glasses. They seemed to progressively get better and better, but then again that could've been the alcohol's judgement. No I seriously believe they did. We met some 'interesting' people and some really normal people. Cheers to great company, good food, and always great laughs with Steve around. He makes my side hurt, in a good way from all the laughing.


Myke said...

Sounds like you guys had fun. We'll have to swap wine tasting stories. See you soon.


Dayray said...

It LOOKS like you guys had fun.

See you on Sunday :)

Dayray said...

I can't wait RE: BBQ. It'll be fun!