Tuesday, June 19, 2007

jUnIoR HirE

My oldest is now officially a Jr. Higher. She's ready but I don't know if mama is! I can remember like yesterday staring at her delicate little tiny fingers and watching her eyelids flutter as I held her fast asleep. Now she's as tall as me (not hard to do when you're only 5'4) but none the less she is growing up faster than I'd like. I do have to say that although the lovely ' hormones' have made themselves a home in her rather early, she can be quite a caring, helpful, mature, beautiful girl that I love and enjoy (most of the time) being around. I'm very proud of her and honoured to call her my own. She told me now that she's in Jr. High she wants me to hire her to babysit and do things around the house to earn some money.
They had quite the elaborate party for the kids. People put a ton of time, money and generosity into making it a very special day for all 60 graduating kids. It was a pirate themed party which took up the whole park with a bunch of different stations with fun activities for the kids, airbrush tatooing, an amazing treasure chest cake one of the very talented moms made, the macharaina, and tons of pirate flags and decos all around. I personally got there at 6am to help set up and stayed until 215 to help out. Very exhausting, but super-fun day! The kids had a blast which was most important!
The day before this was the kids combo class party which was a luau and it was fun helping out with that one too. I so enjoy watching the kids have a great time and getting to meet their friends they spend most of their time with. The last day of school which was June 14th I picked them up at noon and we headed out for a weekend trip to Palm Desert. That deserves its own blog so more on that later..........


Myke said...

Wow- our little Caley is growing up. I remember being young, and all my aunts and uncles (and family friends) would say, "I used to change your diaper when you were young," and I thought to myself, I wonder what it's like to be that old. Well, now I know, because I remember changing Caley's diapers as if it were yesterday. We're all really growing up.

Sandra said...

Yeah Cherie is blogging again!
I can remember holding you in my arms and watching your eyes flutter as you slept like it was yesterday as well. A blink of the eye and they are all grown up and on with their own lives. Great blog Cherie.
Love mom