Saturday, June 2, 2007

Memorial day weekend

I'm backtracking a little bit, but we had such a fun Memorial Day weekend.......internet was down.....and I wanted to tell you about it. It wasn't great for Larry though, poor guy was sick in bed all day! It started out with on Saturday which was a really great day. We got to spend the day at Myke and Dara's and see their new appartment which is within walking distance to the Spectrum. This was the day poor Lar was sick in bed : (. (that's a 'period' not a mole) Myke and Dara bbq'd up some yummy hotdogs and burgers and we enjoyed a swim in one of their rather large pools. It felt as though we were at a resort. They even have a Starbucks on the corner. After a fun, refreshing swim and of course dip in the jacuzzi (yes even in Cali we use them and yes, even in 70 something weather) Myke was his usual fun self with the kids who adore him. Very sweet! After drying off and getting changed we then walked over to the Spectrum. I think it would've taken us longer to park then it did to walk there. Plus it was a nice scenic walk which I love! We got there, and watched Shrek 3 which we enjoyed. Emmabear said "Mommy, it was too long!" But I know that's mostly because she was wiped from a long day of swimming and fun......but thought it was cute of her. I think most everything she says is cute really.
The next day everyone slept in (Hallelujah!) and we skipped on church that day. Larry pulled himself out of bed to go though so he could lead worship. When he got home we loaded up the car with 3 extra kids and went to the church picnic. The kids were all excited to go because they had bounce houses, ice cream, and some game booths with prizes. I think the pouch on the back of my lawn chair still has those 'cheapo' prizes they won. We were all glad we went, and it was an incredibly gorgeous day which made all the effort worth it for sure!
Okay, so now Monday, Memorial was great staying in my pj's and taking it easy. Not waking the kids up before they're ready, or rushing anyone off to school, or packing lunches etc. We took our time and had yet another BBQ at Ed and Donna's. As always great food, good music and fun times!

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Myke said...

Hey Cher-

We had a blast with you guys. Be honest, our BBQ was the best one, right? Kidding, although it was a decent shot for a first time. We'll have to practice more over the summer to get better. Glad you guys had a good rest of the weekend.