Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Break

Wow this week has gone by fast! It has been an enjoyable and relaxing one though I must say. It's been quite nice to have a break from all the chauffeuring, making lunches, homework and everyday routine. Don't get me wrong, I usually enjoy the daily routine. It's just nice to slow down and not HAVE to go anywhere.
On Monday we went to the beach which was absolutely beautiful. We saw a whale actually which was not something we've seen there before. We got to see some sea lions and dolphins too. We see dolphins there regularly but not the sea lions. The kids were boogie boarding and digging pits. It was such a great day!
Tuesday we went to the movies to see 'Horton Hears A Who' which was cute. We then got some frozen yogurt which is such a yummy treat. For the rest of the week we've just been taking it easy hanging out at home. Watched a few movies on t.v like 'The Secret Garden', and 'The Princess Bride'.
Yesterday while Chrish was at baseball practice the girls decided to play 'spa'. It was great. They had a massage chair set up, and were giving each other facials and massages.Too sweet I tell you.
Tonight we're going to go to my sister in laws to have a pizza party and hang out. Her hubby's out of town and mine is in LA so I thought we'd not make a big production of dinner and enjoy each others company. The kids are looking forward to it too. So the day is almost over, then we've got the weekend and then it's back to the usual everyday routine which by then we'll need because the kids are getting a little tired of each other.

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Cherbear said...

must have been fun!