Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Calling All Talent

So I have about ten minutes before today kicks into high gear (for the second time today) so I thought I'd atleast try to recap my day yesterday. What a day it was! The morning wasn't too crazy and some plans actually fell through and I had a chance to catch up on some much needed house work which was nice. After I picked up Emma is when the craziness started. I picked her up at 145pm then took her to her talent show rehearsals, picked up the elementary kids, went home for about 20 minutes which flew by like it was 2. Got Chrish ready for his baseball game (luckily his clothes were dry.....pheeeeew). I then took Hannah to cheer where her sister was going to meet her. They're both trying out for cheer this year! Which means cheer clinics every day after school for a bit. Dropped Hannah off, said hi to Caley (check) luckily within walking distance was Christians baseball game. Dropped him off walked back to cheer, whispered sternly to Emma to NOT climb up and down on the bleachers while the girls were trying out. Took the girls home to change and get ready for the talent show rehearsal. Picked up a friend and dinner to go (thank you Carls). Got to the school 20 minutes early thought we'd have time to chow people started flooding in, had to go cheesecake MUST wait ;( We got there about 530 and didn't leave until 9pm. Emma is in the 'circus' act as a ballerina and is the second act on. Hannah is dancing to the song Toxic (I know I didn't pick it) with her friends (they're really good too) literally closing out the show. Guess what number? Act 36. It will be a great (LONG...........) show. It's just rough on a school night. Well, even though it was crazy and I felt like I was constantly thinking 'what's next?' there were lots of smiles exchanged and laughs that were had. I'm glad every day isn't as crazy as that but am thankful for every day I get.

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