Saturday, April 5, 2008

The last few days have been pretty jam packed to say the least. On Thursday was the cheer try-outs (the first cut) which I couldn't believe how stressful it was. I don't care if the girls are cheerleaders or's their feelings I'm more concerned about. Both girls did great but we have to go from about almost 50 girls down to 24 at the most. Yikes! That's more than half to say no to. Well, I really thought both the girls would make the first cut. Hannah did make it and Caley did not. Both of the girls were quite shocked. Hannah thought she wouldn't make it and Caley was sure she would. Caley got over it really quick and already wants to go to cheer classes and prepare for next year. I should note that this is the second time Caley tried and didn't make it. The only reason for telling you that is that I think it says a LOT of her character. She's an incredible girl! Hannah knows how proud we are of her and has been working her butt off since she got home from school on Friday and every spare chance she gets. She really wants to make it. I believe she can too! The finals are next Wednesday so we'll see how that goes. The same day as Christians birthday unfortunately but oh well, that's life.
Thursday was also the night of the talent show which was fun. I wished it wasn't on the same week as cheer was but nothing could be done about it. We made it work. Both Emma and Hannah were in the show. Emma in the beginning and Hannah was the second last. Both of the girls did great! Emma stepped on what looked like a block and was actually a prop that her foot got stuck in. She was giggling trying to get her foot out. When she finally did she went on with the show. At one time she also ran out at the wrong time which was still very cute and funny. Hannah and her friends did a great job dancing and staying in sink with each other. It was such a long and tiring day that we all came home and conked out pretty quick.
Today I woke up at 730 to go running with my friend. We had 3 miles to run today. We have a race in June at Camp Pendelton that we're trying to train for. It's actually a 6 mile track with an obstacle course to boot. I've heard it's really quite fun and am really looking forward to it. I guess there are some block walls to climb over and some nets to crawl under through the mud. You get so dirty and muddy that you are told not to plan on keeping what you wear. Anyways, we're following a marathon training schedule and are only at the beginning of it but it's been fun so far.
Caley has a party tonight where she needs to dress semi-formal. We had to go buy her a dress being as she's not had a need to have a semi-formal dress really before. We found one and on sale I might add. She looks absolutely beautiful. It's for a birthday party for her friend. They're going to go see "Guys and Dolls" which I heard was really great. I'm sure they'll have a good time.
While Caley's at her party, Christian and Larry are going to go to watch a basketball game. That leaves Hannah (probably practicing cheer) and Emma and I to have a much needed time of veggin' out!

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