Saturday, April 19, 2008

We Had A Ball!

Last night we went to a Fairy Tale Ball that our school had for our kindergarten classes. The teachers have been teaching on fairy tales and the parents a few years ago decided it would be special if they ended that unit with an actual ball. If you had a daughter in the class then the Daddy would take them and if a son then the mommy would. I helped out so that's why I got to go. You could dress up as fancy as you wanted (parents and children). Some kids wore their 'disney' costumes, ball gowns, or regular 'Easter Sunday' dresses as my Emma wore. Of coarse Emma decided to tell me the night before the ball that she wanted to wear one of the older more worn dresses. I took a deep breath and decided that it was 'her' night and she could wear whatever she wanted.

As soon as she put her dress on you could immediately tell that she felt beautiful! She insisted that her shoes have heals so that when she danced they made noise. Thankfully she also approved of the way I did her hair. We added some bling and a pretty tiara and you could tell she truly felt like a princess...... oh and we definitely couldn't forget the sparkles.

Larry looked handsome as usual and dressed up quite nicely for his baby girl. They both boogied on the dance floor, made a royal goblet together, ate some yummy dinner and had a memorable night. Emma was so bummed when the ball was over she made if very clear the clock hadn't struck midnight yet.

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