Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hard Lessons To Learn

Both of my girls tried out for cheerleading this year. We've already gone through all this just last year when Caley tried out. Hard to believe it was a year ago already. The intense stress and nausea were fresh in my mind. These tryouts are pretty brutal as I recall and more than half the kids get turned down. There were two cuts. They had a couple of clinics where the girls would all learn a cheer and try out with a given partner.

Sadly, Caley got cut the first round and handled it incredibly, though it was hard. Hannah made it to the final round. She had to make her own dance to a given cheer as well as learn a dance in only a couple of hours that the whole group of girls would learn. It was unbelievably difficult! This time they would be performing two routines all by themselves in a closed off room with a panel of 12 judges. (I about cried for her, talk about nerve wrecking!)

Hannah was number four. When she came out after her turn she decided she didn't want to wait for an hour and half to get the results and that she wanted to go home. I'm so glad she did! I should mention that Caley was very supportive through all this to her sister and friends. Talk about making me proud! Well, we found out that Hannah didn't make the team either which broke her heart because she had worked so incredibly hard for this and wanted this so much!

Her chin is now up, a lesson has been learned, and both of the girls are already talking about trying out again next year. I'm so proud of both of my girls for not giving up on something that they want! They may not have made that particular cheerleading squad but they sure are my cheerleaders and anyone is lucky to know them! They naturally love to encourage people and cheer people on in all they do! Go girls go, I love you both!


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Cherbear said...

wow mom thanx for all you wrote about me and Caley. After I read this I thought that was really sweat of you and that almost made me cry. Oh yeah, I love the little cheer you made us. Go mom go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Hannah Mae Hampton
P.S. I love you so much!