Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tis' The Season 2008

Well gosh it's been a while. I think with Thanksgiving being later this year this Christmas season sure has seemed to pop up on me rather fast. I'm trying really hard to enjoy this season and not overcommit or spread myself out too thin.

This last half of the year has really been full with four kids playing soccer and Larry being coach for Christians team. Don't get me wrong, it's been a blast! We have so enjoyed watching the kids games, cheering them on and all the time being outdoors. It just gets tiring and there has not been much downtime at all. So, this will be our first (besides THanksgiving weekend) weekend with no soccer games since the beginning of August. All the kids did great this year. Larry coached Christians team all the way to 1st place! Hannahs team came out on top too! Hannah and Christian both made it to the all stars (the best of the best) and both of their teams finished first place. Last weekend between Hannah and Chrish they played 6 games and won every one. You can't tell I'm competitive can you? I'm honestly just very proud of them and happy for them. They will be playing more soccer in January sometime but I'm not sure when.

Caley and Hannah had a holiday concert choir performance that went very well. I was impressed with what they've learned in only 3 months. Chrish and Emma's holiday program has been going on this week. I'll get to see them on Thursday and am looking forward to seeing them. Emmabear has a speaking part that she is quite excited about and I'm already looking forward to Christians concentrated cute face.

I'm SO excited about the kids getting out of school on Friday :D Some of the things that we're planning on in this next week are: driving around looking at all the Christmas lights, seeing a live nativity, decorating gingerbread houses, making a few homemade gifts and definitely making time for some holiday drinks and serious cuddling while watching some Christmas flicks. Well, I'll try and post more later but for now Happy Holidays!

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Evert & Sandra Heskes said...

Hi Cherie,

Glad to see you blogging again.

You have become quite the soccer mom haven't you? I'm glad that all the kids do so well, not only in soccer, but in everything they do. Good job guys.

I hope that you and your family have a real blast this Christmas.

Love dad