Saturday, July 14, 2007

Catchin' Up!

This last week consisted of beach days on Monday and Thursday, the kids surprising us with a breakfast on the patio (scrambled eggs, oj, and some fruit) it was a great start to the day ; D , then another surprise of turning the garage into a 'restaurant'. The kids got all dressed up fancy, had centerpeices on the tables, music playing, a menu with food choices, Chrish played the piano for us, Emma and Chrish danced, massaged us and kept heaping lots of hugs and kisses on us. I guess Christian thought it would be a nice idea for mom and dad to have a date. Caley and Hannah were very professional in catering to us. A precious moment I will remember always! Yesterday being Friday Dara invited the kids and I to come over for a swim. We first walked to the Spectrum to grab some lunch (love those Big Macs) and then went for a refreshing swim. Came home for a bit, and then went to the beach for 'movie night' and saw 'Over the Hedge' which was quite funny. I loved being at the beach to enjoy the sunset, the smell of the bonfires, the cool crisp air, and the you could really see the stars pretty well too.
Today after lounging around the house this morning taking it easy, my sister in law Donna, my friend Marianne and I went out to a favourite restaurant of mine " Pancake House" which is always SO delicious ; D I then came home, took an actual nap...was interrupted (that's why I don't nap usually anyway.....interupted sleep makes me cranky) Then Caley, Hannah and I went with Donna and her two little ones to Fashion Island (an outdoor mall) for a few hours which was something different than our normal weekend activities.
Up on my calendar for up the house in the a.m. and then planning on going to the beach in the afternoon and enjoying a bonfire and some yummy marshmallows. Looking forward to it - should be fun!

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