Sunday, July 22, 2007

Licence to Play

Yesterday was the much anticipated day away with my friend Amber! Being that we both have four kids, it was a much needed escape from the tedious everyday demands that are both hard work and pleasurable at the same time. We wanted to make the absolute most out of our day away as we could possibly squeeze in so we started our adventure at 7am. It's probably already apparent where we went, but I'll just say it anyways, we went to get coffee first though our excitement was a buzz itself.

We then headed to the beach, and while our gabbing and catching up distracted us from our planned route, it turned out for the better because we ended up going to a wonderful restaurant called 'Plums' off of E.17th St. in Costa Mesa. We had both been taken there a couple years ago by another friend of ours and loved it! I just could never remember how to get back. We gladly stuffed our faces and savoured every bite. Definately a place to go again, and again, and again!

We then drove along the coast even stopped by to check out 'Crystal Cove' which is now State owned and is a really cute little beach village literally steps away from the beach with a restaurant and little store. After we checked that out we headed for our original destination, Laguna Beach. Found a rather peculiar parking garage......"leave our keys? yeah right!" it WASN'T even valet! After that was settled we walked around some of the shops and then set up at the beach, bringing only the essentials (being sunscreen, water, beach chair, towel, sunglasses and of coarse some trashy magazines to read - gotta keep up on all the celebs) and not the usual truck-load of stuff we normally bring. It was amazing! We could lay down! Even close our eyes, face a-w-a-y from the water, you don't even know how exciting this truly was! I, me, Cherie even took a nap! It was magical!!! Went to grab some lunch on a rooftop with a beautiful beach view, pigeons grabbing food by our toes, and enjoyed a delicious lunch at "C'est La Vie", went back to the beach for a while with none other than 'Starbucks' enjoying the crashing sound of the waves and a beautiful bridal party getting married on the beach.

We eventually decided to pack up and head to the Irvine Spectrum. At the Spectrum we just 'had' to grab some cheesecake, of course! Walked it off a little looking around at all the cute little shops, and then saw a late showing of "LIcence to Wed" which I thought was rather cute and the audience was laughing pretty much throughout the whole movie. I always get a kick out of other peoples laughs ; D

It really was a great day! I'm very thankful to have had the break and time to miss the family as I'm sure they did me.

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Sandra said...

yeah for Cherie and Amber! So glad you enjoyed your day to play. You both look really great in the photo.

Love Mom